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I remember hearing Headpphone Masterpiece and falling in total love of the melodies, the chord progressions and the raw quality of the cd.  At the time it was hard to find but I began opening for Cody around LA and got my hands on his cd and would constantly play his music at KCSN at the time.  I managed to get an interview with him and it was the most peaceful hour and a half of my life.  Sitting in his backyard and talking about God and the power of music.  We laughed and we talked about his recording process and I was mainly excited to see the bedroom where he had recorded this amazing album that has kind of taken on a bit of cult status among music lovers. There lied a giant mattress next to an old piano, amps, cables and his recording gear.  As a music journalist I was excited, but as a music fan I was giddy.

 A lot has changed for Cody but Im happy to see this brother grow and still making music. He is one of the most sincere and genuine voices of our time.  Maybe we threw on the expectations onto someone who didnt want them? Maybe he just wanted to do things his way? Cody is doing things his way and even has a kickstarter page to help with his latest project.  As I watched the documentary on Rodriguez I could not help but to think about Cody and his slept on brilliance. Peep the new video below to get a taste of whats to come!