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Keep in mind, when he recorded “The Headphone Masterpiece” he had very little of a budget and had recorded the entire project in a bedroom.  At the time I was on air at KCSN and went to his house to talk music and got a tour of the bedroom which consisted of amps, keyboards, a microphone stand and a bed.  The Headphone Masterpiece was some of the most incredible sounds and melodies I have ever heard complete with bad recording quality, door slams, airplanes and out takes all mixed into this opus! It was magic of the moment!  So now the brother a little more shine, a Kickstarter to help fund the project and back after a hiatus from music.  I was not sure what to expect with this new project.

 I popped the cd into the car and drove. And for the next hour I was amazed! I don’t think one cant help but compare Cody’s vocals to Marvin. You just cant help it. They both channel the celebration of life and love.  Some of these songs have been floating around the internet but it’s nice to see them into solid song format with the addition of drums and various other instruments!  Most of the songs were recorded in either Germany or in Nashville. Cody takes us back to church and is still as playful as ever with his vocals. Landing On a Hundred drops October 30th and he is currently doing some shows in support!