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Just like every other special Friday night we turn Zanzibar into a dance party. It’s the end of a work week for you and I so I cant think of any better way to wrap things up then with yours truly and KG Superstar on the mic. I was digging through the pictures and checking out all the fam who have celebrated with us for the past 5 years at THE GOODS.  Im grateful for all the fam who use to celebrate with us at Little Temple and are now part of the Zanzibar family! We welcome all! But come prepared to sweat! No joke!  On a personal note its also great to meet KCRW listeners who have joined in on the Friday night fun and have become part of the family as well!  Hope to see you tonight! Make sure to send me your guest lists today before 6 pm! You send, I confirm and we par-tizzay!

Guest List –

Okay! Im off! See you tonight!