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Last weekend was fun! A great LA crowd of folks, friends and KCRW listeners inside this wonderful Rum bar!  I’m excited to be back this Thursday to do it all again!  Are you coming? You should. Come out and explore the amazing rum flavors served up by the very friendly staff at Cana!

The emphasis is world music but you never know really know what will get thrown into the musical soup !  This would be my all night musical curation of sounds from around the globe. As an Angeleno, well, I got a little of that every Sunday morning waking up in the San Fernando Valley.  What I love about the vision is the fact that rum from around the world is showcased and tasty too! The folks behind the bar really know their  drinks. They are cool and fun to chat with. I get to accompany the flavors with sound.  We will explore Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Jamaica, India, Africa, and even East LA through music. Im excited!

Yes the rumors are true about this exclusive and tucked away gem. You must be a member of the venue for entrance however all you have to do is mention my name at the door and bam! Your good! You automatically become a member, enjoy the drinks and sounds. Through out the weeks I will be inviting guest dj’s and even live sounds.  So come through this Thursday (16 Jan 2013) for our opening night!  Hope to see you there LA!