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I remember the first time I heard Owusu. His work with Robin Hannibal comes to mind but it was a cover they did of The Beach BoysCaroline No” that gave me the chills. It was haunting, soulful and genuine.  It was all these things mixed with the flawless compositions and sounds via Hannibal that just made me play this song over and over and over and over in my headphones.  And now we get new material!

Possibly one of the most beautiful songs of 2013. Big up to my dude Scribe for passing this my way some months ago. When you do a radio show after midnight sometimes you want to sound design the late vibes of the night. You want the listeners to feel as if this is wind down time in preparation for the week ahead. This song fit perfectly to into my sets. Didnt matter that it wasn’t uptempo, it accompanied that mystical late night aesthetic that I aim for when turning on the turntables every Monday night. It evoked longing, passion and something special.  Looking forward to hearing the full length album from Owusu but this should hold you tight!