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Rhye is simply that band! The band you just cant run from. The talk of SXSW. The talk of KCRW. The talk of online blogs and music publications. But it’s well deserved and I am happy that people are talking about this band. Rhye is bringing back sexy but most importantly to me they are bringing back moments that lead up to sexy. Those curious and little moments between two.

The band recently stopped by KCRW’s Morning Become’s Eclectic program and held us at their fingertips. Robbin Hannibal, Milosh and crew performed a 45 minute set that had some amazing moments. Actually lots of them. I loved each every moment when they performed “Open” complete with strong plucks and head bopping beats. I looked over at Robin as he displayed that classic doo doo funk face as the snare stick touched skin.  I mentioned to the band that portions of the groove should be looped and be remixed! Robin Hannibal playfully mentioned Joey Badass on the remix! Hmm!! How awesome. Watch! Enjoy! And call the one you love right after and recite these words and I promise only good things will come after!