Real time Adventures // VALA FM

Big up’s to homie Nati from NYC for passing this my way. We use to do a night over at Footsies about 4-5 years ago w/ Gomez and guests like Kutmah or Andres Renteria would swing through and she would always pass me the names of bands that are under the radar. I think she struck gold with this one!  I played one of their cuts on one of my KCRW shows but didnt hear much from them after. This fine gem turned up in my inbox and I am really diggin the vibes on this ! Let me know what you think! More info on the band and track can be found here.

* Note – I will def be playing this track tonight at Cana Rum Bar in DTLA!  All kinds of world sounds being played on two turntableas. Swing through and lounge it up! Info.