Real time Adventures // VALA FM

So after rocking the turntables at the  Cana Rum Bar in DTLA I figured I was already up and would swing by the Santa Monica Apple store close to home and check on the line for the new I Phone. I saw about 100 folks already gathering either knocked out, reading, talking or just using local wi fi while waiting for 8 pm to fall upon us. I parked my car and got in line around 3 am. There were times in my head that I thought “is this worth it?”. And the answer was yes! You see, I have waited in lines before for sneakers (5 hours for the limited edition Converse Poor Man’s Weapons High tops!) but I could easily just wait a few days and walk into the store and get it right?

Nah! I wanted to sit and geek out with fellow Mac/Apple enthusiasts on the cold hard concrete and discuss new apps, secrets and technics to better understanding my products from Apple! That’s the best part that folks do not understand. Engaging with that community in regards to technology that further help us understand our products. I dig it! Okay but 5 hour wait? I did crash on a towel in the cold but I enjoyed the time and got to meet some great folks!  The response on my social media was interesting though. People could not understand why I or anyone else would want to do this.  Some even with snark and rude comments.  Even passer by’s shook their heads in disbelief and shouted “ridiculous” towards us. I get it. However these were folks who just wanted something right away. We talked, we engaged and even had out own little social media pow wows in the middle of the night. This was our own mini version of Ted Talk! This was our nerdery of Coachella! (Nerdchella?!) This was our Midnight Christmas sale!  But yea, that concrete was super hard. Anyhoo, I love my new I phone!  Enjoy the pics!




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