Real time Adventures // VALA FM

Before going super Hollywood I use to do this party on the corner of Virgil and Santa Monica Blvd on Saturday nights at Little Temple. We called it Fast Fwd because we were always thinking ahead. Well, not really but it just sounded cool. Anywhere from 300-400 plus folks use to swing through on our night that celebrated the LA community. I loved every single Saturday because we built friendships here. And our friends made friends. It was also around the time when Social Media really began to take off and we experimented with photography, projections, live instruments into the fold. It was unlike anything in LA. Fellow Dj’s Destroyer, Puffs, Jahkova, The Remitch, Baby Bubba, Full Crate (Amsterdam), The Whooligan (SF) J1 (RIP) Wonway Possibul (SF) all swung through and rocked our crowd. KG Superstar would rock the mic and I would always have the time of my life.  Good times! 

* You can now catch me having the time of my life at The Sayers Club in Hollywood!! Whoop! Whoop! *

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