Real time Adventures // VALA FM

Real talk! I’ve been on this Debarge trip for the past 2 days. This sound brings back memories in ways I can not explain. I remember being a kiddo in the back of my mothers car and hearing “All This Love” and the melodies would freak me out. Then I saw the Last Dragon and this video for Rhythm of The Night came on smack in the middle of the movie and my spirits were lifted. Sure they looked like chics with the hair do’s but El was singing from the spirit and I wanted to hang with them! I wanted to be in the video hanging in the car with them smiling and prancing like they did in the 80’s.  True story but Bunny Debarge lived in the same Apartment complex as my Grandfather somewhere up on the 3rd floor. I had the biggest crush on her.  I would walk by and see the gold records on the wall. Occasionally I would get a glimpse of them walking into the complex.  It’s no secret that this family has been through a lot with drug abuse and various obstacles. I still wish them love and luck in their success. But seriously, how awesome was this video?