Real time Adventures // VALA FM

Some of personal faves at the moment. A collection of the visual, fashion with a blend of music. Kirkis has been getting love on my radio show for a minute now. Ratking is playing Coachella and finally on people’s radars. Sophia Chang + Ari have an amazing eye and creative process. King Krule just dropped a new vid worth catching. Peep below…

Kirkis is from Melbourne. Brought to my attention from the Wondercore camp and continiously blows me away with his musical doings. This is a totally bugged out video but I like it!

Ratking hail from NY. I had the honor of playing with them at the RedBull Soundselect party at CMJ and man! What an expieience watching these youngin’s take the stage and command of the crowd. Visuals on point thanks to Ari Marcopoulos.

Speaking of Ari. Get hip to his work. I found this inspiring piece on him breaking down his experiences as a photographer on the train.

Sophia Chang is an ill illustrator! Her designs make me scratch my head. I tried to get her on my podcast this week but no response. She’s in town for the Babes Show in Long Beach but oh well! Once bumped into her at Reed Space in NY but was too nervous to say what up. Peep her work

King Krule just dropped a video for A Lizard State. This album made my Top 10 of last year. Video is super cool with a throw back to the visuals and stylings of a Hitchcock flick.