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I’ve been intrigued by the street wear scene for the past 10 years. Most of you have probably seen brands come and go. I had a great chat w/ Chris Gibbs over at Union and he broke down the science of connecting with your audience and sharing quality apparell that would last of 10 years and still be something you would want to wear. Ever since I heard that it’s pretty much shaped my shopping behavior. Derek of Emerald Cut comes through every now and then to my dj residencies and is always flossing his line of wear. I began to ask questions and found out that the gear he rocks is his creation along with a few friends. As we talked I thought in my head how this might be a great episode for the podcast. I wanted to dig into the head of a young man who is following his dreams and making them come into fruition. I hope you enjoy this chat! And get hip to the line.

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