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First! Let me state, this is not the end all be all of the next generation of emcees! These are a few off the top of my head. I always try to distance myself from musical purists and folks who live in the past by stating “It’s not like the old days”. I love what’s new and aways pride myself by embracing the new. I love where music is going across the musical spectrum and I love this shift in Rap today. The next generation of creatives are not only mastering the art of rhyme but the hustle of social media, beat making and producing content to push their brand. These are a few examples. Let me know what you think! Hit me on twitter at @AnthonyValadez and send me your list of emcees, artists who are making moves.


Only 17 years old, Bishop Nehru sounds like an experience veteran storyteller on the mic. We got to chop it up at SXSW where saw first hand his shyness when around new energy but after minutes of hanging he begins to get excited when talking about new projects. I found myself at the Mass Appeal jump off in Austin and was super excited for him when NAS brought him on stage and proclaimed him the future of rap music. Grab his latest, Nehruvia here.


Clear Soul Forces remind me of something you might have listened to in the Summer of 94. Get No Better was my first introduction to the group’s style. I love the rhymes and specifically their beat selection and word play with each other’s cadences. Go cop their latest album entitled Gold PP7!


Chester Watson delivers with his monotone style. Phantom popped up on my radar at SXSW via word of mouth. There will never be another Guru however it’s great to see a young emcee deliver in the same form and still execute such passion. Grab his latest free release here.


Waldo plays with a simple vocal delivery that could easily land him a record deal on the majors and commercial radio but then hits you up aside the head with a metaphor that might be too heavy for them. Waldo also has some of the best beats in the game that match his flow perfectly. Easily one of my faves!


Gagle hails out of Japan on the Jazzysport label. They have been sending me some quality music for a minute and through this relationship I have been able to discover a lot of their sounds. It’s obvious I can’t understand a single word from Gagle but I still sense the passion and skills behind the mic.