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Hey. Been a minute since I checked in. Like really checked in. Seems like the old world of blogging has since faded. Everything is instant w/ Instagram, Twitter and FB. Ive used my blog to house my KCRW playlists and have eased up on the photos. I wanted to share visuals and thoughts on here but instead continue to pay absurd prices to maintain this blog since I love the way my playlists look on here versus the radio site. Weird right?

A lot has changed, I think Ive changed in the past 5 years. I’ve learned to pick my battles and ease up my schedule, maybe speak my mind more in spreading praise of others. I’ve also been more aware of my time on this planet. Im thinking of health and my role in this giant thing we call life. I’ve always enjoyed the little things in life. Happiness in little things get my by. Re-evaluting myself and my past I realize I gave little battles so much of my energy.  60 years from now, those battles will not matter.

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Ive always kept my circles small, accepted I’m a groggy individual who loves to avoid large groups of people. One of my most recent discoveries is how espresso coffee has changed that. Ive also learned that taking on too much really prevents you from doing your best. In 2018 I would love to cut down on all the extra stuff. Just do the things that keep me happy.

Time is everything. Although a stranger for most of my life, seeing my mother off into the next word has really impacted me. It’s one of those things I try to not talk about, but it’s slammed solid perspective of our limited time on this wonderful circle we call Earth. So make the most of it. You come, you smile, cry, live, love and then next thing you know you are shitting in diapers at an old person’s home.

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Yesterday I walked Smedley (my pup) and really caught myself in that moment. The sun painted the sky red, the weather was perfect and there I was, walking my 4 legged little buddy. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Have a great day! More to come!
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