Real time Adventures // VALA FM

IMG_3767New batch of sounds which were pulled from last weekend’s KCRW sets with the exception of the new Chicano Batman release! 2020 is sounding great. This week we travel to BK, Brazil, UK and LA for some of my favorite flavors.


Gabriel Garźon-Montonano // Someone, Agüita, Bloom

GGM is back and we got a treat to his forthcoming album with Jagjaguwar. These 3 pieces of separate songs are making me sit on the edge of my seat anticipating what he has cooked up in 2020.


Bruna Mendez // Corpo Miragem

I mean, wow!! I first got hip to this Brasilian songstress from her Calor, Sol E ol E Sal clip. And her growth is amazing. Corpo Possível is a strong sensual album with the perfect electronic backdrop for this vocalist.


Mama’s Gun // This Is The Day 

This UK outfit taps into Motown/Marvin vibes with this specific cut. Formed in 2008, MG broke in Japan first and landed a Mitsu The Beats remix that I still can’t find to this day! Grrrr..


King Krule // Alone, Omen 3 

Archie is one of those brilliant artists who when he hits homeruns, he hits f’n homeruns. He’s been tapping into so many different vessels and Alone, One 3 is not only a HR, but a grand slam. The simplicity of this project is the KK I’ve always wanted as a fan.


Chicano Batman // Color My Life 

This new single is absolute fire! The filthy sampled drums and Bardo’s falsetto make this a timeless gem.