Real time Adventures // VALA FM

I just realized it’s been an entire year since I last posted. Time flies. Ive spent more time focusing on Morning Becomes Eclectic. You can listen to episodes here. There was a time where content ran my life. The need to document, share, video capture, snap pics and house it all on this blog. I even paid lots of money to maintain the space to house it all. Analytics are no more essential.

I’ve wondered If I lost that fire to share? I just figured that you can catch me on the radio weekdays with my pal Novena, or follow me on Instagram for the real time adventures. It’s a bit liberating. But when I scroll back, the amazing interviews with Tier 1 artists who were once Tier 4’s and 5’s, the Sounds For Plant Lovers series created during the time of uncertainty and all the dj gig pics.. It’s there, it’s my past and Im grateful for it.

If you need to reach me, anthonyvaladez (@)

I’ll post from time to time here. Be safe! With Love.