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Fresh off the heels of his brand new release entitled Early RiserTaylor Mcferrin breaks down his creative process and discusses his life and influences in music. He also breaks down what it’s like to team up with LA’s Brainfeeder label during recording and touring across the world. We also touch on the impact and loss of Austin Peralta. Make sure to pick up his new album! It’s on rotation Monday nights on KCRW and also I had to mention it on my latest session on WBUR’s Here And Now. Go grab that album! Hope you dig the chat!

Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Production Assistance by Jon Oliver.
Host: Anthony Valadez

Big thanks to RedBull Studios in NYC!


NYC producer and selector Dj Center breaks down his recording process as well as his upbringing. We explore all kinds of topics and build off his new single “Dem Say Ah” which is a Monday night favorite on my weekly KCRW show.  Make sure to check out his Soundcloud page for info on release and his mixes! Hope you dig this chat!

Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Production Assistance by Jon Oliver.
Host: Anthony Valadez

Big thanks to RedBull Studios in NYC!


On today’s podcast we get to sit and talk it up w/ Jean Grae. I was a little nervous about this one since I know how brilliant Jean’s mind works but we ended up having an amazing conversation about being heady and the sense of perception that folks have of her. The NYC emcee is easily in my top 5 and continues to find new forms of expressing herself including a webisode series and working with comedians John Hodgman and Wyatt Cenac. Hope you dig! And follow Jean for updates!

Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Production Assistance by Jon Oliver.
Host: Anthony Valadez + Jon Oliver

Big thanks to RedBull Studios in NYC!

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When I was an intern then later a temp at Interscope, Kelly Clancy use to have my grab files and print them for approval. The emails were from Slang Inc and I use to love the fonts, design and spacing of the lettering on all the project. Years later I find myself in NYC sitting across from the brainchild of it all at the RedBull Studios.

Slang Inc is responsible for the visual aesthetics that I love in music. And it’s still around in shops, boutiques and packaging. During our conversation (thanks to Jon Oliver) we find out that Julian (Slang Inc) actually won a Grammy for Best Packaging on a Miles Davis Box set!! We talk about the creative process of putting together a visual in some shape or form that coincides with the project at hand. I learned a lot on this one. Hope you enjoy!

More info :

Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Production Assistance by Jon Oliver.
Host: Anthony Valadez + Jon Oliver

Big thanks to RedBull Studios in NYC!

Eminem-Encore-Deluxe-Slang-Inc-1 50-Cent-Get-Rich-Or-Die-Tryin-slang-inc-cov Dilla-Rough-Draft-Slang-Inc-11 Harlem-Haiti-Slang-Inc-1 Slang-Inc-A2A_animation


Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Emily King swung through the RedBull Studios in NYC to talk about her journey of ups and downs plus a special treat to meet her mother who served as a wonderful backbone to the artist! Emily opens up about label deals that attempted to change who she was as a person and her reaction. This was a great conversation that left me pretty inspired about this music industry thanks to Emily’s hope and talent. Plus Mama King jumps in with ultimate wisdom! Hope you dig!

Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Production Assistance by Jon Oliver.
Host: Anthony Valadez + Jon Oliver

Big thanks to RedBull Studios in NYC!


I first got hip to Sophia Chang via her amazing site. Having played with photoshop I often wondered how she was able to do these amazing illustrations of rappers and NY figures. I then got hip to her work with Staple Design and had been bugging her for a while about being on my podcast. Since then she has been curating projects, featured on Hypebeast and has a project in the works with Puma!  This was a great conversation that included what it’s like to design for the NBA and still have your parents ask “When are you going to get a real job?”. Hope you dig this chat!

Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Production Assistance by Jon Oliver.
Host: Anthony Valadez

Big thanks to RedBull Studios in NYC!

Check out her work here.

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What happens when Cincinnati and Brooklyn team up? You get something pure and organic. We saw it with Reflection Eternal and then we saw it repeat with Tanya Morgan. Founded in 2003 via the message boards of Okayplayer, the squad continues to push something different in today’s musical landscape. I had the pleasure of watching them last year at CMJ rock Free Candy in Brooklyn and that performance reminded me of how much I love this group. This turned out to be a great chat with the two who both open up about the challenges of doing what they do.

Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Production Assistance by Jon Oliver.
Host: Anthony Valadez

Big thanks to RedBull Studios in NYC!

Here is Episode One, the kick off to a series of conversations I had in NYC last week with some amazing artists across the creative spectrum. Jesse Boykins III has one of the coolest and smoothest voices in the game but is also a visual treat to watch on stage. He just dropped his new album entitled Love Apparatus which I finally got to finish on the plane back to LA.. It’s an amazing journey from start to finish that explores human connection with one another with an awesome sound pallet to accompany the record.  We discuss his creative process when working with producers including Machine Drum as well has his vocal studies with Bilal. Hope you dig!

Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Production Assistance by Jon Oliver.
Host: Anthony Valadez

Big thanks to RedBull Studios in NYC!

Grammy Nominated producer Scoop Deville swings through and breaks down his creative process and inspiration. He popped up on my radar for Snoop’s I Wanna Rock single and then enjoyed massive success with two credits on Kendrick Lamar’s debut. We talk about working with Dre and having that special ear to hear and create. We also talk about his new Scoopaloops Vol 2 series. Hope you dig! You can also listen to his exclusive gem dropper from a few weeks back!


I found out about this guy via his social media presence. Then he dropped a couple of videos and I realized that this guy has an amazing gift of wordplay. And then he began dropping WWF/WWE references on Twitter and then I became a fan! Speak drops by the basement for an interesting chat about his journey as an artist. The ghostwriter stories are defintetly worth the listen. Imagine being flown to NY to meet with suits and being told that your life story and skills should be given to someone else?  Well find out what Speak said when he gave them a piece of his mind. Worth the 40 minute listen!

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This week’s guest on the podcast is emcee Waldo. Waldo caught my attention with his unique style and various rhyming patterns but also his production via Sango. When the two work together on a track I think it’s fair to say there is nothing like it. Waldo is able to set a mood during the first few bars of any song and have been the soundtrack during some of my long drives and travels. Listen in as he discusses life in Grand Rapids, growing up in a religious home and what currently inspires him.

Ryan’s name kept popping up on my radar with all his under the radar remixes for artists I love. I kept wondering who this guy was. Did some research and found out he hails up north in Canada. Finally something in the full length form dropped late October in 2013. Guilt Trips is his debut on Last Gang Records and does a great job of capturing Ryan’s creative ideas. We talk about the process and what it’s like to dj on a party boat alongside Pharell, Diplo and Tiesto! Hope you dig!


Big love to the folks at RedBull Studios in New York for making this happen! DSJR aka David Stewart Jr. Trio were brought to my attention under a mentorship program facilitated by RB. What most moved me about this band was their sincere passion at such a young age and appreciation for the Rock music.  We talk a little about their journey and sacrifices made along the way while en route to their dream.  And did I mention they sound awesome? DSJR knock out a couple live tracks including a fun Stevie cover! Hope you dig!

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Made the trek out to New Mexico and linked up with producer GB. I have been a fan of his work since his Soundtrack for Sunrise release on Sound In Color in late 2004. At the time I was doing radio over at KCSN and was a resident at Templebar. This was pre social media and more of a word of mouth era.  What made GB stand out was the maturity of his sound and also there was truly nothing like it  coming out of LA from anyone his age.  It was timeless but seemed to be crafted from the hands of an elder who appreciated the past ad blended with the future. Big thanks to GB for welcoming me into his home and sharing knowledge. Hope you dig!

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I came across this band at a day time music festival at the Bootleg in LA. I was on the bill and arrived a little early to explore the space. I heard something soulful whole entering one of the rooms and was curious. When I saw these guys and a gal on stage I was instantly in love. It definitely had that Soulqaurian vibe championed by the likes of D’Angelo, Questlove and Badu. I introduced myself after their set and asked for a cd. The very next night I threw it into rotation on my radio show and got positive feedback.  Also surprising was the co/signage from the likes of Tyler The Creator, Jill Scott and receiving a nice remix from Jazzy Jeff and James Poyser. Hope you dig this week’s chat!  Listen to previous episodes here.

I got the call at the very last minute, totally unprepared with I Phone voice memo in hand and got to chat with turntabilist/record collector/producer Cut Chemist. We rewind a bit back to 1984 where Cut breaks down his history and journey as a dj and record collector. He also drops some hints about to future projects that we should all be on the look out for. Hope you dig this chat as much I had recording it!  And stay updated with his releases and info.


I have been trying to track this brother down for a minute to get on the podcast. I’ve vouched for him for other interviews that just never came into fruition so I had to do it myself and on my podcast. Interestingly enough, this is the Levi Maestro way of doing things. Relying on self to capture and do what you love. Usually my podcasts go for anywhere from 15-20 minutes but this chat was so inspiring I had to hit record and let the magic take place. His site is a testament to his word and his videos are the celebration of whats new and authentic. Make sure to peep his amazing Infinity Piece! We break down his theory on time, creativity and what it’s like to hustle hard and be on the grind. Hope you dig this chat.

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It was great to meet the almighty Nikki Jean. She popped up on my radar with the support the Okay player community and then with her feature on Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool. As a music lover and observer, Nikki just appeared every where and since 2007 across the musical spectrum dipping in different genres in the true spirit of “an artist”. This one ran a little long but well worth the listen! Hope you dig! Also as a bonus Nikki throw in an exclusive/sneak peak to a new cut of an Ab Soul cover!

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If you live in LA odds are you might have heard Yesi Ortiz on the radio holding down the fort mid day on Power 106. Or maybe you heard her cameo on the new Childish Gambino record? Somehow someway I’m sure this woman’s positive energy on the fm dial has affected your day. We hung out last week and got to chop it up in regards to her inspirations and struggles of making it in the radio industry. This is the prime example a person who believes in herself and does what it takes to accomplish those dreams. Hope you dig this week’s chat. Also big up Cecilia The Mamacita for dropping by and just taking this chat to another level! Full of laughs. Oh! we also drop a big hint at something very special in the works that the three of us are a part of! Listen!

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Connan popped up on my radar a few months back with the release of Caramel, a sonic journey through sexy cool mixed with  lush vox and guitar chords. Connan guides the narrative with various vocal pitches that are perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.  He breaks down the process of recording this record while in Tokyo holed up in his hotel room. Hope you dig! And check out previous episodes here!



I came across this band one day and was instantly drawn to their sound. I found a link to their music and was like “what is this?”. The link contained auto insurance skits, brilliant songs and beats. It was a journey. I could sense this talented duo simply just had a great sense of humor. The minute they stepped into the basement for this chat it was all laughs and it began to make sense. The two met at a wedding and.. well.. Just listen for absolute hilarity.  Hope you dig this week’s chat! I did! Make sure to check out more of their sounds or follow em on twitter.

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I’ve been intrigued by the street wear scene for the past 10 years. Most of you have probably seen brands come and go. I had a great chat w/ Chris Gibbs over at Union and he broke down the science of connecting with your audience and sharing quality apparell that would last of 10 years and still be something you would want to wear. Ever since I heard that it’s pretty much shaped my shopping behavior. Derek of Emerald Cut comes through every now and then to my dj residencies and is always flossing his line of wear. I began to ask questions and found out that the gear he rocks is his creation along with a few friends. As we talked I thought in my head how this might be a great episode for the podcast. I wanted to dig into the head of a young man who is following his dreams and making them come into fruition. I hope you enjoy this chat! And get hip to the line.

DSC_0019 DSC_0016


This week’s guest is a prime example of someone who reaches out and in exchange gets her shine. We exchanged a bit on social media and then one day I found out one of my favorite design magazines featured her work! IDN is internationally known and showcases the work of amazing designers. After following up with a little more research I began noticing her amazing work with album art including working with Delicious Vinyl. We got to chop it up about her inspirations, her ability to work with both the paint brush and behind the desk. Elyn is the prime example of a humble hustler on the grind! I hope you dig this chat! I did. And shout out to Mama Kazarian for jumping in and sharing her insight as a mother who supports her daughter pursuing her dreams. Great chat! Also make sure to peep the rest of her amazing work!

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Daedelus swung through for a chat that I wish could be on a much more different circumstance. I wanted to chat for 20 plus minutes about his music, expiriences and journey as a musical craftsman behind the boards but we utilized this platform to get the word in regards to his missing gear. On New Year’s Eve Daedelus performed at Grand Park in DTLA to thousands of folks. He placed his items in what he thought was a secured area only to realize moments later his one of a kind Monome, laptop and hard drives were gone.

Despite the experience D is positive and about to embark on a tour in support of his new record Drown Out which dropped last year on Anticon. We do get to talk about his days as a youngin’ sitting on the lap of George Clinton, exploring sound and the creative process. It’s a great chat and I do encourage you to keep your eyes open for Daededelus’s gear. If you were at Grand Park that night and might have seen anything suspicious in this area please contact D with a “no questions asked, just return and receive a reward” policy. Enjoy the chat!

Facebook – AlfredDarlington
Twitter – @daedelus_music

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Kawai is not just a person with a camera in hand, but a hustler who understands the importance of connecting the dots. I have known her for some time and her portfolio speaks for itself. But what most draws me to her work ethos is the drive, the passion and the ability to just enjoy the now. As we hit record and began the podcast I knew this was going to be a great episode as she broke down her journey with a plan a in mind and somewhere along the line she developed an understanding of plan b and blended the two worlds. I hope you dig this week’s chat!

Kawai Matthews work
Kawai on Twitter 


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This week’s guest is someone who’s design work I had long admired having created covers for the likes of Foreign Exchange , Little Brother and many others. Through his work I had began to grow visible of his brand. Thanks to world of Twitter I was able to put a face with this unique aesthetic and I began following him and his opinions which would always give me a chuckle. I have always been a fan of his duality of being in different worlds in the commercial setting while championing under the radar sounds and artists.  Recently FMWJ has started a label with access to some amazing sounds from Houston and his personal favorites. Again, the visual aesthetics are on point!  Hope you dig this chat.

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This week’s guest on the podcast is an artist who has been sending me nonstop heat for the past month or so. I think what instantly grabbed me was his ability to play straight instruments and create these great sonic textures over beats. It was unique and just the right flavor for my radio show. For the past couple of podcasts I had chatted with Grammy winners, movers and shakers but I wanted to shed more light on artists who are grinding to get a foot in the door. GDNA is one of those artists who openly discusses he barriers of being recognized for his work but now it’s paying off. I hope you listening to this chat as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Get familiar with his music on his sound cloud page or twitter.

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Illa J and Frank Nitt swing through the basement for a candid chat about the new album, the selection of beats and what it’s like recording in the middle of parades, honking cars, midgets and folks walking outside in beat to the recording sessions. We also get to know Illa’s journey as a musician and what it was like growing up in the Yancey house. Nitt breaks down the album and all the amazing guests on the new record “Sunset Blvd” which is out now on Delicious Vinyl. Enjoy this week’s chat! Some great knowledge and tales on this one.

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World traveler, dj, record collector and nerd/techie LeFTO swings by the basement for a chat about his insight on music, sharing sounds and his personal journey as a record collector. His perspective on life and music is always interesting and I have always wanted to sit LeFTO down and pick his brain about a few topics. Hope you dig!

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More on LeFTO :
As one the most important tastemakers Europe has to offer, and affiliated with labels Brownswood, Blue Note, !K7 Records, Stones Throw and Jazzy Sport, this bearded early riser is consistently a couple steps ahead of your average early adopter. He doesn’t wait for the next thing to land on his lap, actively seeking it out – just take a peek at his playlists on Belgium’s foremost national radio station Studio Brussel which received compliments from Rough Trade Shops and Gilles Peterson.

However, don’t assume that he’s only working futuristic angles – no sir. Firmly rooted in jazz and hip hop, he sharpened his digging sensibility working at the now legendary Music Mania record store in hometown Brussels. His passion for jazz resulted in a remix album for Blue Note which was well received by the community. Lefto is forever moving forward but always has an ear in the past. Famed for his gloriously eclectic DJ sets, he switches effortlessly between hip hop, funk, breaks, neck-snapping beats, future bass, South-American influences, bruk riddims and some wild African rhythms. He’s not only a deejay and producer but also curates his own stage at the Dour Festival and his own nights in Gent in collaboration with Democrazy.

World renowned, LeFtO regularly blesses sound systems from Tokyo to Seoul and Singapore to New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He has been a resident deejay for Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festivals since 2008 around the world. Camera under the arm, he is also one of the few deejays on this planet who can deejay somewhere and have a nice movie on the internet a couple hours later, with over 250 videos on YouTube and Vimeo, it’s very impressive. The travels resulted in the Worldwide Family Vol. 1 compilation on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings with partner in crime DJ Simbad in 2011. In 2012, he has put out two compilations, one for American brand 101Apparel and the other one for Universal Music.


This week’s guest is 3 time Grammy Award winner Wil Dog! I’ve heard about his side project El Gavachillo for a minute now and we discuss his exploration into the Bandas world as well as his journey as a kid growing up in Los Angeles during such a pivotal time for the hip hop generation of b-boying, community activism and the merging of so many cultures that would later become the sound of Ozomatli. We also get to learn about Wil Dog’s appreciation for the next generation of sound and his expirience of working with Srkillex.   One of things I appreciate about Wil Dog is his ability to be candid as an artist who delves into new genres of music and facing the fears that come along with it. This is probably one of my longest episodes but as you can tell Wil Dog is a natural story teller with so much to share. Hope you dig this week’s episode!


A few weeks back around the time of the  Sonos X Okayplayer Listening party for Yuna I linked with Kevin from We had a great conversation and I knew right away I wanted to drag this guy into the basement for a chat about the wonderful site and his involvement with OKP. OKP has been this hub/community for folks who share ideas, links, debates and content in relation to artists and culture. I remember being in college and constantly refreshing the page with hopes of news or responses to my posts. Founded by ?uestlove of The Roots, OKP is now updated with with respective links curated to different interests. Big thanks to Kevin for swinging through. Hope you dig!



I first heard his music and I must confess it, it was a little strong on the sexy side of things. Cool in terms of sonic texture but this distinct vocal that kinda kicked in assuring the listener that everything was cool and turn down the lights. But the more I began to listen the more I started to appreciate the sonic textures of all the sounds. And then it all clicked. And then I heard the Miguel cover of “Sure Thing” and then I fell in love!  I appreciate what he is doing with the beats and song writing all merged together into a collage that is so dam unique!

I hope you dig this chat with Melbourne’s Oscar Key Sung. He just did a US Tour and we discuss his experiences of playing new music for a new audience as well as his appreciation for metal music and woman! Enjoy and peep more of his music here.


Get hipped Skin Town. They have a new album that just dropped today on Time No Place and I highly suggest folks pick up this album. Saw them once live and was instantly hooked. They have been on rotation on my radio show for the past few weeks. Nick has played with Zola Jesus and Grace was into booty bounce bay area classics and some how they have managed to create some great sounds that mix soul with Nintendo/Genesis synth sounds. Get to know them. Hope you enjoy.  And peep their soundcloud!

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Fun night earlier at Sonos Studios in Hollywood and hosting the Q&A with Yuna. I asked about her inspirations and what she enjoyed listening to while getting into that zone. She mentioned lots of SBTRKT and Frank Ocean.  Im excited to play some new cuts off her new record tonight on my KCRW show. Producers include Chad Hugo, Robin Hannibal, Om’mas Keith and many more talented folks behind the boards. The crowd was very much receptive towards her new songs and Im looking forward to hearing your feedback on this wonderful new record. Grab it! It drops Tuesday! Big thanks to Eddie at Imprint, Nu at Sonos and Okayplayer for making this happen.

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If you have been listening to my radio show for the past 5 years then odds are you might have heard a Maylee Todd record.  I became intrigued after watching her amazing youtube videos that consist of sheer talent and humor. She is this week’s guest on the ANTVALA podcast and after our little chat it all began to make sense where all these elements came from. She shares some pretty interesting knowledge about what it’s like to be the daughter of an Elvis impersonator and much more!



I first got hipped to Melodee via her work on Recordbreakin and formerly of La Melodia. She became my window into the musical scene in Amsterdam. I got to visit her and friends and it really opened my musical senses being far away from home. Years have passed and she has since teamed up with the production duo Cookin Soul. Cooking Soul has worked with the likes of C.L Smooth, The Game, Nispey Hustle, Currensy, Mac Miller, Dom Kennedy and many many others.  What intrigued me is how these two entities team up and utilize the internet to complete some great bodies of work.  This was a great chat! Hope you dig!

DSC_0109 DSC_0138 DSC_0142

You can hear previous podcasts here that include Flying Lotus, Mark de Clive Lowe, Hiatus Kaiyote, Tiny Hearts w/ Waajeed, Thurz, Miles Bonny and many others.

I have been a fan of Mark’s work since his Tide’s Arising release. I remember being on tour with RES, making a stop in the Bay Area and someone from the the label passing it my way and loving this dance record. Mark has developed his sound into different musical communities and continues to push musical boundaries. I’ve always had questions for him and wanted to know what’s in his head when he creates both live and in the studio. I got to sit with him and discuss his journey as well as get some of those answers. We also talk about his Kickstarter campaign to fund and finance his new 11th studio record. I love what he is doing with this campaign and his amazing videos to ask for support. Also, who knew little Mark was a big Guy/Teddy Riley fan?! Enjoy!


DSC_0038 DSC_0025 DSC_0011


Davis Fetter joins me this week for a chat on my podcast. We discuss his obsession with collecting 45’s and conveying his love for music. I first came across his music while opening for him at my Saturday night residency at Sayers and was instantly drawn to his live show. His appreciation for music is evident. Hope you enjoy!  To hear more of my “In Conversation” series, click here.

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This week stay on the home front and hang with Boyle Height’s very own Canyon Cody. This man has been servicing me with records and product from Nacional for a hot minute so it was nice to finally get his story on how we got involved with the label. We also talk about one of his current ongoing residencies at Subsuelo. One of the things I love about this chat is discovering both his parents are immigrants and hearing about these various elements from across the world have had a major impact in his home, in his dj sets and in his life. Hope you dig!


I met Kissey a few years back while doing some shows in LA as well as joining me for a Dublab session. Her debut release Plethora release caught the attention of lots of djs at the station and somehow a friendship began to develop. It was nice to reunite and talk about her interesting journey as a young Swedish vocalist who transitioned into a NYC beatmaker dabbling into dance music. Hope you dig this one! 

photo copy 2



During the past couple of weeks I have discussed how the digital community has affected and benefited artists but this time around I wanted to switch gears and talk to folks who are doing good for our city!  Grand Park’s record speaking alone in terms of the wonderful accomplishments but just in case you need some, peep the pics from the Block Party or the ones from the history Park Your Politics during election night!

These guys are providing LA with some of the best parties and community events under the sun! Grand Park is turning 1 and celebrating Thursday night, October 10th with Jeremy Sole on the turntables and Ethio Cali on the live instruments plus guests! Tati, Javier and Josh swing through the basement to talk about how important this wonderful space is to the city of LA! Make sure to join them as they celebrate the first year anniversary of this wonderful space in DTLA!

More info here:
Follow them on twitter: @GrandPark_LA



Los Angeles’s Def Sound has always captured my attention with his visuals and songs. His lyrics have always made me press rewind. I was able to feature him on my last album and develop a friendship that has always been filled with great conversations! This time Def swung by for a chat with a very interesting perspective on the internet, unspoken rules of marketing your music and his development through his art. Hope you dig!

Twitter : @defsound
Soundcloud :
Site : DefSound

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Pulled this one from the vaults. Recorded in Los Angeles the day after a wild night at Church! I remember being totally tired and exhausted from the night before and I can hear it in my voice. Nai Palm on the other hand sounds like a trooper!  Well time has passed since first meeting the group in the Lower East Side and Im happy to see them grow and develop support after an amazing stint at this year’s SXSW and co/signage from Badu, ?uestlove and most recently Prince via twitter. Also they just got signed onto Salam Remi’s imprint on Sony.  I hope you dig this chat!


I knew Jeedo was in town so I had to grab him and his new project Tiny Hearts for a chat about this brilliant new project featuring Tim K and Dede. One of the magical moments for me to witness was hearing the three vibe off each other while I simply stood back and narrated. There was lots of energy and hearing the three talk about the creation process was informative. You get a sense the three are on a creative high and really really enjoy working with each other. Listen to the chat and go buy the EP! Links are below.  I hope you enjoy this week’s chat w/ Tiny Hearts.

The website –
Buy the EP –

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Finally grabbed Thurz aka Thurzday in the lab for a one on one. We discussed the process of the soundtrack of his life which will include his forthcoming project entitled Blood On The Canvas. Thurz first grabbed my attention as 1/2 of U-N-I which captured and reignited the buzz of the LA underground. We also discuss his inspiration for his last album entitled LA Riot. Thurz drops knowledge on the importance of communication with one another as well his experiences with working w/ Black Thought, Strong Arm Steady, BJ The Chicago Kid and friends. I found this chat to be very insightful in understanding his development as an artist and is existence as a young man growing up in Inglewood. Enjoy the chat and follow him on Twitter or stay posted to his soundcloud page for more goods!   Hope you dig!




Finally got Spinnerty into the basement for a chat about his balance between being a small business owner in San Francisco and also playing records at some of the cool spots around town. I am also a big fan of his production work. He has released several projects on Recordbreakin‘ as well as remixes. I have had the pleasure of working with him on my own projects and Im always inspired when I hear his approach towards the creation process. Check out this week’s chat!

DSC_0007 DSC_0008


Dexter Story just about does it all. If you have seen live music anywhere in Los Angeles during the past 10 years, chances are you have seen him on stage playing bass, guitar or drums. I met Dexter while recording a session for Ammon Contact roughly 9 years ago. I instantly gravitated towards his positive energy and ability to access situations with a can do attitute. I know this sounds like a letter of reference but once you listen I think you will understand what It is I am talking about.  I later learned Dex also worked product management for some big releases as well as artist management. He is a friend, father and great guy. I’m sure his energy will travel from this soundcloud link and into your heart. Hope you enjoy this episode!

Follow Dex on twitter at @DexterStory for great updates and insight.

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Last night before hitting the stage with Miles Bonny I found myself at a White Castle having an interesting conversation with the brother in regards to being an artist and how to develop his brand. The convo was so interesting I had to pull out my soundcloud app and hit record. His story is very interesting and had to be shared. He is one of the most talented performers I know and who is open with his frustration and struggles.  Take a listen and let me know what you think. Follow him on twitter at @MilesBonny!


16 year old Zack Sekoff caught my attention with his beats and production work. I would later learn that this same kid plays bass, raps and had some production credit on Thundercat’s latest Brainfeeder release. Now 18, Zack opens up about his inspirations, doing musical theatre. what it was like to play Low End Theory and the night he learned of Austin Peralta’s passing. This is not your typical 18 year old. Zack’s perspective on life, creating and learning about self is inspiring. I hope you dig our chat! And make sure to stop by his soundcloud page.