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This past Friday night at THE GOODS at Zanzibar was a true family affair! We had dance circles, soul train lines and dance tests in the building all night long. Big love to all the friends we got to see celebrating another end of the work week with us. We do it again this Friday night! Bring a friend or make a friend. Drop me a line for guest list love!  Hope to see you!

*** Guestlist – ***

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I dont think I had this much fun dj’ing for a great bunch of folks in a long time! Cana Rum Bar was full of love last night. I got to meet lots of great KCRW listeners and followers of my blog last night. It’s almost like where these different social worlds of friends and new friends collide. I started out the night with a mix of world sounds, cumbia, bhangra, salsa and worked my way to party classics at the end of the night to a diverse room. Many of the regulars I’m assuming made their way from Staples Center where our beloved team, well… next year!  Anyways, A big thanks to all the friends who made it out and a lot old the old friends who use to make it out to my Silverlake gigs!  I wrapped up the night with a quick stop to the taco truck and snapped some cool pics after the night. Hope you dig!  I’m back on the east side baby! DTLA! Cana Rum Bar every Thursday!  And a special big thank you to the amazing and incredible staff who serve up the best drinks in LA!  Hope to see you all next week!