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Here we go! New week and new batch of favorites who have been on the grind for some time. You can listen to the cuts from last week’s KCRW sets here. But I wanted to give them some extra shine on the site. Hope you dig! Lets get down to this week’s 5!



I got hip to this band via Big Crown which has been one of my go to labels of 2019. The trio is from multiple parts of the US but sonically feel so connected with their passion for soul and folk.



My discovery of the band headed by David Loca came courtesy of Tyler The Creator who sampled part of their music for one of my favorite cuts of IGOR, Puppet. I searched from the original song and was blown away by Loca’s production and lazy sway of sounds. “It’s Alright With Me” sounds like it was pulled from the record bins from someone’s timeless 70’s record collection.



LA’s very own also part of the Big Crown family. I had the honor of hosting them for my City Beats music series and these are three of the most laid back artists I enjoyed talking music with. They know how to ride something and let it breath and groove but know when to twist it up into something special and different. Not an easy feast to do but similar in the vain of Hiatus Kaiyote.



This voice is so unique and special. I recently played Nostalgia on the air at KCRW and got the chills. Not sure if the warped sample, his voice or drum programming but it all mixes so well. Looking forward to hearing more of his work and collabs.



I was hesitant to putting Mac’s name on this list since he has already been getting lots of love on blogs and music sites but his music is just that dam good. I’ve gotten feedback that there are hints of a young D’Angelo or Smoky Robinson. He definitely has his own sound. LA, he’s coming to town in November!

When I first heard Lips I fell in love. “Everything To Me” was the track that grabbed my attention. Lush melodies and strings with a voice that locked me in. I needed to know who was creating these sounds. Lips are originally from New Zealand and now hail in Brooklyn.  Recently they dropped a nice cover of Frank Ocean’s Super Rich Kids which I posted on my latest KCRW show and  also on my latest mix.

I am excited to announce that the band has passed me a super exclusive of their latest gem which you might know from a hot soundtrack!  This Monday I’ll play this gem in the first hour of the show.  So tune in this Monday for the latest Lips gem and if your curious about the band go to their bandcamp page and go explore some more sonic goods!  Listen to more of their tunes here.