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I came across this band at a day time music festival at the Bootleg in LA. I was on the bill and arrived a little early to explore the space. I heard something soulful whole entering one of the rooms and was curious. When I saw these guys and a gal on stage I was instantly in love. It definitely had that Soulqaurian vibe championed by the likes of D’Angelo, Questlove and Badu. I introduced myself after their set and asked for a cd. The very next night I threw it into rotation on my radio show and got positive feedback.  Also surprising was the co/signage from the likes of Tyler The Creator, Jill Scott and receiving a nice remix from Jazzy Jeff and James Poyser. Hope you dig this week’s chat!  Listen to previous episodes here.

I caught Skin Town’s set and it was really awesome. Vocalist Grace Hall really knows how to work a crowd. they drop a new album on the 28th of this month which I am looking forward to. This was Tiny Hearts first official live show (other than the Boiler Room set) and the trio had the room moving. As they began their set the room begin to fill full of spectators. Tim K kicked off the harmonies with his voice box as Jeedo laid down samples and drums which had the heads bopping. Dede took to the stage and owned it! This was a great live set by the trio and I hope to see more of them! It was also great to bump into KPFK’s Morgan Rhodes and J Rocc in the building.

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I got to the venue a little early so I decided to snap some shots around the area. Im a sucker for telephone cables and hoops a little after the sun sets. I got to the Bootleg, warmed up the room. Davis Fetter took to the stage and worked his magic!  He worked out a short but sweet set before passing things over to Marion Hodges and Brian Cunningham rocked things on the turntables.  From Morrissey to Northern Soul these two worked up the energy prior to Myron and E .   Make sure to check out Myron and E who are featured on my new Stonesthrow mix!  It’s a free download!  In the mean time, enjoy the pics!

** Shout outs to Katie @ Bootleg/Fold // Jodi @ Stones Throw // Aysa @Fusicology **




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