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What an incredible day at Orchard Park in the Bronx as 16,000 folks hung out, danced and fist pumped awaiting Jennifer Lopez to take the stage. Shout outs to Cipha Sounds and Alex Sensation for rocking the party! The love in the park was off the charts and nothing but positive energy from various generations coming out to support one of their own. I managed to break out the camera at times and take some snapshots. Big thanks to Lynda Lopez for the additional shots with her amazing photo skills on her I phone! It was an honor to take the stage and play the music I love while opening for an incredible soul who enjoys giving back to her community, fan base and hometown! Hope you dig!

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Tonight I watched this informative documentary from early 70s about the Puerto Rican and African American gangs in the Bronx. The film jumps from original footage and clips from 73 to the 90’s where a lot of the actual figures reflect on the political temperature at that time.  The angst goes from neighborhood vs neighborhood to neighborhood empowerment vs the system.  It’s a good watch! Hope you dig!