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Tropical // Soul // Throwbacks // Dub // Reggae and stuff.. Every Thursday presented by yours truly with special guests at The Cana Rum Bar (just one block east of Staples Center). Just mention my name at the door for the hook up! Simple and easy. Hope to see you!


First things first, Happy 2014. A big thanks to the folks at Cana Rum Bar/213 Nightlife for making last night happen. My guest list was cut off and maxed out yesterday and I could not think of a more intimate setting than inside this wonderful venue that I call home on Thursday nights. If you were there then you saw my crazy 7 plus hour marathon mix that just about went into every musical direction I could think of. I wanted to snap more shots inside but the venue was so dam packed and I could not make my around. It was also great meeting lots of wonderful listeners of my radio show and podcast! Somehow when the cloud of smoke faded I found myself greeted by the morning day light sometime around 7 am. Great way to kick off 2014. Have a great year!

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Super close to NYE! I’m looking forward to celebrating it with friends, new friends and family at Cana Rum Bar in DTLA. It’s intimate, cozy but known to house some of the best parties in LA on Thursday nights! ūüôā ¬†I’m breaking out all the party jams from across the musical spectrum. Cana is a member only venue but mention my name at the door or shoot me an email so I can confirm your spor in bringing in the new year with us! ¬†Indoor/Outdoor patio plus breakfast provided to those who can hang when the sun comes up!

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Hope to see you!!!


Tonight I am back at Cana Rum Bar in DTLA for another weekly edition of LATIDO. Playing the music I love from around the world. Big thanks to Canyon Cody who has been holding things down for me these past few weeks!  Ive got some new sounds to share. Come lounge and enjoy some of the finest rums on the east side of town. Just mention my name at the door for the hook up!  Cheers!


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It’s the end of Valachella. Where everyone that did not make it out to Indio ends up at the weekend residencies. ¬†LATIDO at Cana Rum Bar is always a great way to kick off the weekend. Chill with the Salsero’s doing their thing. Friday was nice at The Goods at Zanzibar. Not like our usual “rah rah” vibes but nice to switch up the pace of things. ¬†The wrap up at Sayers was the climax. Panties exposed, folks falling to the deck, ladies dancing on couche. Typical Saturday night and most importantly saw lots of fam in the building. Hope to see you next weekend! ¬†Get some rest!

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Super pumped to be back at Cana Rum Bar! I love this spot! ¬†Tonight we celebrate the sounds from across the Earth. From Latin to Punjabi, Cumbia to soul and on and on.. Just mention my name at the door and your good to go! Come explore one of LA’s hidden rum bars with an amazing friendly staff! ¬†Hope to see you tonight!



Tonight! It’s LATIDO at Cana Rum Bar! Just one block east of the Staples Center and hidden in a secret spot away from the madness. ¬†Tonight I’ll be back on air w/ Raul Campos asking for your support from 10-11 pm then heading over to Cana for a night of world flavor and tropical rum! ¬†I love this spot! ¬†The staff are well versed on the amazing tastes and rum’s and the door guy actually smiles and ask’s how your day was! ¬†Good vibes and energy. ¬†Dj Destroyer warms up the room with his dancehall selections so get there early! ¬†Just mention Anthony Valadez and/or KCRW for free entry/membership! ¬†Hope to see you tonight LA!




I dont think I had this much fun dj’ing for a great bunch of folks in a long time! Cana Rum Bar was full of love last night. I got to meet lots of great KCRW listeners and followers of my blog last night. It’s almost like where these different social worlds of friends and new friends collide. I started out the night with a mix of world sounds, cumbia, bhangra, salsa and worked my way to party classics at the end of the night to a diverse room. Many of the regulars I’m assuming made their way from Staples Center where our beloved team, well… next year! ¬†Anyways, A big thanks to all the friends who made it out and a lot old the old friends who use to make it out to my Silverlake gigs! ¬†I wrapped up the night with a quick stop to the taco truck and snapped some cool pics after the night. Hope you dig! ¬†I’m back on the east side baby! DTLA! Cana Rum Bar every Thursday! ¬†And a special big thank you to the amazing and incredible staff who serve up the best drinks in LA! ¬†Hope to see you all next week!



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Last weekend was fun! A great LA crowd of folks, friends and KCRW listeners inside this wonderful Rum bar! ¬†I’m excited to be back this Thursday to do it all again! ¬†Are you coming? You should. Come out and explore the amazing rum flavors served up by the very friendly staff at Cana!

The emphasis is world music but you never know really know what will get thrown into the musical soup !  This would be my all night musical curation of sounds from around the globe. As an Angeleno, well, I got a little of that every Sunday morning waking up in the San Fernando Valley.  What I love about the vision is the fact that rum from around the world is showcased and tasty too! The folks behind the bar really know their  drinks. They are cool and fun to chat with. I get to accompany the flavors with sound.  We will explore Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Jamaica, India, Africa, and even East LA through music. Im excited!

Yes the rumors are true about this exclusive and tucked away gem. You must be a member of the venue for entrance however all you have to do is mention my name at the door and bam! Your good! You automatically become a member, enjoy the drinks and sounds. Through out the weeks I will be inviting guest dj’s and even live sounds. ¬†So come through this Thursday (16 Jan 2013) for our opening night! ¬†Hope to see you there LA!