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Woke up and hit up some local breakfast than made a stop the Couch Sessions day time jump off.  Jesse Boykins III kicked things off with heavy bass and beats as he bounced across the stage going through his catalogue of songs. Hiatus Kaiyote followed with their amazing Melbourne sounds. It was great to finally see the entire band. The crowd was very much receptive.  They killed it!  This was my first time catching Cheerub from Nashville Tennessee. Techno sounds and hard 4 on the floor beats mixed with sultry vocals was nice. A blend of Prince with house.  Allen Stone from Washington stole the show with his rendition of  Bob Marley’s classic Is This Love which took everyone to church!  I was super excited to see Body Language out of NYC.  Nice heavy boogie beats with soulful vox. Amp Live of Plug Research did a little set showcasing his beats on his recently released project on Plug Reserch. Next up was Robert Glasper with special guest Erykah Badu. But that didnt happen! Only a bit of a soundcheck before cops shut it down. Badu came out tho’ and snapped pics with fans.  Okay. On to the next one! See you!

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