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This week’s guest on the podcast is Dj and Grammy Nominated producer Twilite Tone. Man, do yourself a solid and google him! I really wanted to avoid the obvious questions of “What was it like working with Kanye West” and somehow I achieved it but it was definetly on the back of my mind. How did this one man balance producing for heavyweights and yet still maintain a connection to the streets and dj culture? Listening to this chat I found the answer, true passion for music and creativity.  Twilite Tone connects the dots on possibly one of the most interesting but productive conversations in all my podcasts. Hope you dig! And go peep his soundcloud! Some great stuff there.

Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Production Assistance by Jon Oliver.
Host: Anthony Valadez

Big thanks to RedBull Studios in NYC!

The song has been out and floating on the net but finally a video which features the two rolling around in a drop top. Chance is really shaking up 2013 with his ACID RAP mix tape, feature on the new Red Hot Fela feature and appearances on HOT97.  This time around we see him with electro soul crooner James Blake for an interesting blend of two separate worlds that work perfectly.

Big thanks to all who came out and stayed way past last call and the lights coming up!  Big love to the Cuerators, Alejandro, Sughey, DjGC Lady Vee, Daveed and also the awesome folk I got to meet last night!  Spent less than maybe 24 hours in the city but managed to take some snapshots of some randomness.  I even got to record a chat with Miles Bonny at a White Castle on the Southside!


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