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Okay. Seriously. New Zealand and the land down under has been killing the game but what’s up north in Toronto and Canada?! Serious soul gems have somehow made their way down south into my hard drive and Im loving it! Big up Aaron BirdMaylee Todd, Circle Research Crew and all the other folks I have been blogging about or playing on my show.  But these cat’s got some love on last night’s radio show. The Precious Lo’s have been putting in work with different folks under various monikers. Nik Tamar just passed me some goodies (audio and visual) which Im stoked about. I thought Id share it with you. Let me know what you think!?  And peep The Precious Lo’s who are featured on my new mix (SELECT DOWNLOAD) for this week!  Get the music too!  Expect to hear more of this Monday nights on KCRW.