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To be blunt, growing up in the 80’s, this gem was always the funny weird song on the radio that would play from my mother’s yellow VW Bug car speakers. We would take night trips to MacArthur Park where she would pick up dope to redistribute as a dealer. I would then take the bags, place into my left sock, look out the window and this song would pop up on the fm dial with out fail. I knew no better but the music on the radio made everything okay. Getting back to Once In A Lifetime, It made made me dizzy. Not sure if it was the chorus or David Byrne’s vocals.  Years later, I have some white in my beard, a few new wrinkles under my eyes, my mother and there VW are both long gone and no song speaks to my soul more than Once In A Lifetime. The examination of your journey from a to b in the form of a timeless pop song is such a revolutionary thing.

Watching DB perform this song last night on SNL was a win for timeless music. It was a win for performance art and perhaps the reason why I now gravitate towards things I never understood as a kid. It’s the reason why I’ll sit through an 14 minute short feature with David Lynch talking to monkey.

I had the pleasure of listening to David Byrne speak at SXSW with my pal Tyler Hale and it was one of those life changing moments. Thoughts and ideas of building a better world coming from the guy who use to make me dizzy. Imagine that.