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On December 5th we lost one of the most influential figures of our time. I saw the tweets and status updates in regards to the passing of Nelson Mandela but I just felt that being limited to 140 characters could serve his legacy no justice. What could I say or post that could capture my thoughts on such a wonderful life lived?

This rant was inspired by my friend Manal. She and some friends swung by my gig last night at Cana and somehow we got into this deep convo about life, politics and the passing of Mandela. His passing made me examine several things in which I talk about in this rant. First, social media activists versus a man who actually gives 26 years of his life and another being the CELEBRATION of Mandela’s life versus being somber in his passing. 95 years on Earth and being able to sketch your way into the history books for something you believe in is no easy task. He is the prime example of hope and persistance with your message.  I hope you dig this rant. It’s been a minute since I recorded one of these but a simple tweet or update could do this extrordinary man’s life.