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I finally got this brother into the studio! Cazal reached out to me and sent me a batch of remixes and beats that blew my mind. His ability to bridge different genres and sounds together is effortless. Listen in as we discuss his creative journey and process in crafting his sounds. Also big thanks to Cazal for the special mix you can hear at the wrap of our convo.

Joining us is Zack Sekoff on co-hosting duties and has been on this podcast previously. He is currently wrapping up his first year of studies at Yale in addition to having worked with the likes of Def Sound, Thundercat and more. Also make sure to check out his podcast, Mass Minimal!


This week’s guest is a prime example of someone who reaches out and in exchange gets her shine. We exchanged a bit on social media and then one day I found out one of my favorite design magazines featured her work! IDN is internationally known and showcases the work of amazing designers. After following up with a little more research I began noticing her amazing work with album art including working with Delicious Vinyl. We got to chop it up about her inspirations, her ability to work with both the paint brush and behind the desk. Elyn is the prime example of a humble hustler on the grind! I hope you dig this chat! I did. And shout out to Mama Kazarian for jumping in and sharing her insight as a mother who supports her daughter pursuing her dreams. Great chat! Also make sure to peep the rest of her amazing work!

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Illa J and Frank Nitt swing through the basement for a candid chat about the new album, the selection of beats and what it’s like recording in the middle of parades, honking cars, midgets and folks walking outside in beat to the recording sessions. We also get to know Illa’s journey as a musician and what it was like growing up in the Yancey house. Nitt breaks down the album and all the amazing guests on the new record “Sunset Blvd” which is out now on Delicious Vinyl. Enjoy this week’s chat! Some great knowledge and tales on this one.

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