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After a long day around town with Derek Taylor of The Park/Wallpaper,  we ended up at the Sayers Club kitchen to catch last Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad. Derek is not only an amazing drummer, funny dude but possibly the biggest tech geek ever. During the broadcast he and his band were on some kind of Google + chat recapping thoughts during commercial breaks. Absolute nerdery! Don’t worry there are hardly any spoilers in this rant but we both agreed that the pacing of this season is moving full steam ahead! What do you think will happen as progress further into the close of the season? Hit me with your thoughts! You can also follow Derek on twitter at @derekgtaylor.

This shot of Derek pretty much sums him up . Shot by Holly Port


Saturday nights at Sayers is where folks either end up in the air, thrashing into the drum kit, hanging from some elevated place, on the dance floor, head bobbing on the couch or on the deck. Last night we managed to witness 2 out of the previously mentioned. Derek Taylor and I raged through the soundsystem last night inside one of LA’s mysterious and fun spots hidden on the corner of Hollywood and Wilcox. Watching folks faces the second they step into this home of musical wizardry is priceless!  I had a lot of fun!

This past Saturday at Sayers we welcomed back Derek Taylor on the kicks and snares. It was an incredible night over all. So great to see so many friends come out and get down with us in Hollywood. Do not sleep on the magic that takes place every Saturday night on the corner of Wilcox!  Enjoy this short clip!

A big humble thank you to all the folks who came out to Sayers this past Saturday night! It was huge on so many levels. It was great being with so many friends in the building and  I got to see lots of folks who use to come out to our old shindig at Little Temple/The Virgil and when ever I see these folks in the crowd at my current gigs it makes me want to just dj that much harder!  It was also great meeting new folks who listen to the radio show. I am thankful to all of you who made it out!  You are all AMAZING!!

Okay, back to the show!  The madness began during our soundcheck. I was a bit skeptical of playing with a drummer cause I love to hear music the way it was originally recorded.  Derek Taylor made it to the venue after recently landing in LA from a show with WallPaper in Canada and laid down the breaks on the drum kit and I just scratched and layered samples on the Midi pad and I cant quite explain how awesome it all came together.  Our set began around 12:30 am and man! It was pure energy and madness that ensued at Sayers! I remember wiping my brow of sweat and out of the corner of my eye seeing people on top of furniture, boxes just going buckwild!  Sayers was so packed we had overflow of people on the stage.  I normally dont talk about gigs (I sometimes just take pics) but this is one of those moments that has been replaying over and over in my head. Hopefully venting this on my blog will make it stop!

Thanks to Itai for capturing this moment in time of epicness!