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I met Kissey a few years back while doing some shows in LA as well as joining me for a Dublab session. Her debut release Plethora release caught the attention of lots of djs at the station and somehow a friendship began to develop. It was nice to reunite and talk about her interesting journey as a young Swedish vocalist who transitioned into a NYC beatmaker dabbling into dance music. Hope you dig this one! 

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The entire time of watching “Shut Up and Play The Hits“, a documentary on LCD Soundsystem, all I could think in my head is “Holy shit, James Murphy gets me!”. He goes into great detail about how the internet has taken away its mystery of music discovery!   Sometimes a bit too much detail but it all makes great sense!  I watched this interview below and Murphy makes several great points of how our culture now depends on “lifestyle marketing” and how it all shifts far away from the guy at the counter of your local record store and how that use to be his/her job.  Watch below!