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Wells Fargo Center (333 S Grand Avenue)


A fresh addition to the Bunker Hill scene, the bi-weekly City Beats shows are curated by local radio personality Anthony Valadez. The series, which runs every 1st and 3rd Wednesday, April through June, provides a colorful, sonic snapshot of up-and-coming musicians. Genres include R&B, hip-hop, new jazz, Latin and indie, appealing to the eclectic palette and diverse backgrounds of LA music fans. Grab lunch, sit back, and enjoy the show!


April 19: Tropi Corillo with Anthony Valadez
May 3: Buyepongo with Anthony Valadez
May 17: Subsuelo with Anthony Valadez
June 7: Very Be Careful with Anthony Valadez
June 21: Ethio Cali with Anthony Valadez





It’s about that time of year where we say goodbye to 2014 and bring in the New Year! I’m super exited to be back home in Santa Monica for this NYE at my home away from home, Zanzibar! I can easily predict this might be the party of the year. Hope to see all my friends under one roof counting in January 1st with me!  Tix available soon!



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More Valadventures across the Southwest with my I phone in hand. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for the real time experience of meeting strangers, crazy videos and randomness.

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Made this at 3 am this morning after my radio set.

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The Hungry Whale | By @anthonyvaladez and @taystries

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Good morning Venice Beach! America! Earth!

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This week’s guest on the podcast is Dj and Grammy Nominated producer Twilite Tone. Man, do yourself a solid and google him! I really wanted to avoid the obvious questions of “What was it like working with Kanye West” and somehow I achieved it but it was definetly on the back of my mind. How did this one man balance producing for heavyweights and yet still maintain a connection to the streets and dj culture? Listening to this chat I found the answer, true passion for music and creativity.  Twilite Tone connects the dots on possibly one of the most interesting but productive conversations in all my podcasts. Hope you dig! And go peep his soundcloud! Some great stuff there.

Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Production Assistance by Jon Oliver.
Host: Anthony Valadez

Big thanks to RedBull Studios in NYC!


NYC producer and selector Dj Center breaks down his recording process as well as his upbringing. We explore all kinds of topics and build off his new single “Dem Say Ah” which is a Monday night favorite on my weekly KCRW show.  Make sure to check out his Soundcloud page for info on release and his mixes! Hope you dig this chat!

Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Production Assistance by Jon Oliver.
Host: Anthony Valadez

Big thanks to RedBull Studios in NYC!

Ryan’s name kept popping up on my radar with all his under the radar remixes for artists I love. I kept wondering who this guy was. Did some research and found out he hails up north in Canada. Finally something in the full length form dropped late October in 2013. Guilt Trips is his debut on Last Gang Records and does a great job of capturing Ryan’s creative ideas. We talk about the process and what it’s like to dj on a party boat alongside Pharell, Diplo and Tiesto! Hope you dig!

Thanks to the folks at GOPRO for the cameras. I have been documenting my journey as a person who ends up in the most random places. This past week I was in New Mexico working on a new video for my new record in addition to playing out across LA. I wanted to capture some of that magic in a new series of Vlogs. Big up to Monday night KCRW favorite Sly5thAve for the music!


Last night was wild wild wild! Good times at First Fridays at The Natural History Museum. I was able to explore the museum once again after soundcheck and I began appreciate all the knowledge shared in the building. This is a very special place in Los Angeles. Big thanks to Wiseacre for rocking the decks with me with a cool four on the floor set that got the people moving. I was seriously moved to meet so many incredible listeners from my radio show and to be able to give hugs and high fives to all of them. Next month my brother from another mother Raul Campos rocks the turntables with me! Would love to see you there! Get your tix!


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Rain vibes always keep a crowd indoors. Big love to all the folks who helped us celebrate an end to a work week accompanied by a little rain and thunder. It was a fun feel and I managed to break out some records I totally forgot I had in my collection. It was also good to see some regulars in the building getting down with KG Superstar and myself. We hope to see you next Friday night! Swing through! Dj Puffs will be in the building as well to open up the night. Hope to see you!

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I got the call at the very last minute, totally unprepared with I Phone voice memo in hand and got to chat with turntabilist/record collector/producer Cut Chemist. We rewind a bit back to 1984 where Cut breaks down his history and journey as a dj and record collector. He also drops some hints about to future projects that we should all be on the look out for. Hope you dig this chat as much I had recording it!  And stay updated with his releases and info.

It’s about that time! Grammy campaign to create the buzz for the awards show later in the month. Remember when I appeared next to SnoopRihanna, Nas and Taylor Swift on this ad? I do! Ha. Anyhoo, I am digging these new campaign ad’s that allow you into the artist’s lives. I saw a cool one on Kendrick but this one caught my attention. It’s great to hear JB talk about watching dj’s and then becoming one.  Watch!


TONIGHT!  Friday December 6th!

It’s The Goods at Zanzibar with yours truly on the turntables with a record bag full of gems and KG Superstar holding down the mic duties. It’s a bit chilly out there in So Cal so swing through and shake your rump with the Friday night fam bam!  Drop me a line for guest list love! You send, I reply and you are good to go!  Hope to see you!

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Last night in Brooklyn was incredible! This whole trip was incredible. It was great to see soo many friends from all over the world come out and get down with us! The jump off at FREE CANDY was something. Big big big love to all the folks at Redbull Sound Select // Move Forward Music and Plug Research for making this event happen.  ALL the acts were incredible and different from one another. I got to see my faves Tanya Morgan and Amp Live but got introduced to the sounds of Rat King, Pegasus WarningYC the Cynic, Wavy Spice, The Ton Tons, Emily Bell. Myth Sizer and his crew got the crowd moving and it was nice to finally meet and enjoy Denitia and Sene in the flesh!  And a big shout out to Wavy Spice the Versace Hottie for her flows! She knows how to work a crowd.

On another note, I am humbled by the amazing turn out of friends who came out and I got to see. Brooklyn really showed love and it was an honor to get the crowd moving through out the night.  It was also great to meet so many listeners of my radio show and fans of my blog as well. Sometimes when Im in the basement I really have no clue as to who is listening but after last night It’s very evident NYC is all ears!  Big love!  Until next time….

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SF’s King Most and I got to chop it up about his inspiration behind his re-edits and re-directions while in town for some dj gigs. We also discuss Chris Brown, MAD Magazines and so much more. Check out more of his mixes + redirections here. Hope you dig!

Best 4th of July party ever! Big love to all the folks who came out to Grand Park’s very 1st of July Party!  The weather was on point and so was the energy. I started off the day with some soul vibes w/ some Stevie edits and brasilian breaks then Get Lit hit the stage showcasing some poetry. These were LAUSD high schoolers dropping knowledge on the crowd. Ethio Cali and Jungle Fire followed with some world flavor and the crowd began to build and build.  During my breaks I ventured through the crowd with my camera and took some great shots of the water fountain and all the kiddos running around. It was back to the turntables and the crowd began to move a little more and I just had to drop Cube’s “Today Was A Good Day” somewhere in my next set followed by some Mana which really got a great reception pre La Santa Cecilia!  LSC took it home and then it was time to intro Grand Park director Lucas Rivera and Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina who thanked the crowd then came the pyro! Whoop!  Then the ride home was an adventure too!









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Night one was awesome! I got there early enough to catch some of the energy and bump into my dude Roy Choi!  Great ceremonies by the local Martial Arts group, unveiling of the Bruce Lee statue and many cool vendors and live performances presented by the LA Weekly.  It was awesome to see so many friends come out and get down with us on a Saturday evening!  KG arrived and we just cranked it up a few notches only to blow the power towards the end of our set. Apologies! Somehow we managed to get everyone in the plaza to partake in a massive group hug! But once all systems were go again Liza Richardson took over and it was back to the dancing!  We still have a couple more community gatherings left including the Skirball, The Hammer Museum and the screening and 30th Anniversary of Style Wars in Hollywood! Stay close to the blog for more info!

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Taking off for vacation early Sunday morning but wanted to share with you some pics from Cana Rum Bar and The Goods at Zanzibar! Tonight I’ll be at The Sayers Club ducking from ice cubes, watching folks go ape nuts hanging from the the chandeliers and the usual madness.  Aaron Byrd sit in for me this Monday night on KCRW so make sure to tune in to his awesome selections.  But to compensate for lack of time this Monday night you can download my latest mix of PERSONAL FAVORITES.  Los Angeles If I dont see you at Sayers then hope to see you next week for LATIDO on the 16th, The Goods on the 17th etc etc!




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It’s the end of Valachella. Where everyone that did not make it out to Indio ends up at the weekend residencies.  LATIDO at Cana Rum Bar is always a great way to kick off the weekend. Chill with the Salsero’s doing their thing. Friday was nice at The Goods at Zanzibar. Not like our usual “rah rah” vibes but nice to switch up the pace of things.  The wrap up at Sayers was the climax. Panties exposed, folks falling to the deck, ladies dancing on couche. Typical Saturday night and most importantly saw lots of fam in the building. Hope to see you next weekend!  Get some rest!

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