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Daedelus swung through for a chat that I wish could be on a much more different circumstance. I wanted to chat for 20 plus minutes about his music, expiriences and journey as a musical craftsman behind the boards but we utilized this platform to get the word in regards to his missing gear. On New Year’s Eve Daedelus performed at Grand Park in DTLA to thousands of folks. He placed his items in what he thought was a secured area only to realize moments later his one of a kind Monome, laptop and hard drives were gone.

Despite the experience D is positive and about to embark on a tour in support of his new record Drown Out which dropped last year on Anticon. We do get to talk about his days as a youngin’ sitting on the lap of George Clinton, exploring sound and the creative process. It’s a great chat and I do encourage you to keep your eyes open for Daededelus’s gear. If you were at Grand Park that night and might have seen anything suspicious in this area please contact D with a “no questions asked, just return and receive a reward” policy. Enjoy the chat!

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Twitter – @daedelus_music

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