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Back to Chinatown for this Saturday’s jump off over at Grand Star. Outside is the Summer Night’s series presented by KCRW w/ Mario Cotto and Raul Campos holding down the stage. Marion Hodges, HM Sound, Stereotype and yours truly hold down the Grand Star. It’s 21 and over and free!  Swing through and say hello! I’ll be doing an early set (7-8 pm) then heading over to my residency right after so make sure to stop by, grab a drink, say hello and enjoy! Afterward I’ll be at Sayers in Hollywood from 10-2 am! Hope to see you!

Great evening last night at the TOMS shop in Venice off Abbot Kinney.  This is my new local spot! Wi Fi, awesome drinks and a dog friendly environment! Big thanks to all the friends who came out on a perfect Spring time evening.  I also got to meet some listeners of the radio show which is really cool!! Putting a face with a twitter or FB friend is always fun and gratifying!  Big thanks to Rachel, Robert, Dublab and the amazing staff over at TOMS!  Also big up to Chase!  I have seen his art all over my neighborhood and it’s finally nice to link with him!  He’s a really talented man that creates art with a message.  Look him up.  And thanks to TOMS for the cool shades!  And the Paseo’s are so dope I had to cop em in camo. Get em while supplies last!!









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Next Thursday early evening I’m playing records at the Venice TOMS shop off Abbot Kinney. Looking forward to witnessing the art by Chase and checking out the new shoe line!  Sounds kick off at 6:30-8 pm!  Swing through and say hi!  Would love to see all my fellow Venice locals!  Make sure to RSVP!

** Update **

I just stopped by this shop for some coffee and my oh my! Great community spot! Great selection of TOMS shoes and eye wear!! I took some shots with my iPhone which you can see below. Hope to see you this Thursday!

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This week has been crazy for me personally. My perspective on life changed a bit due to a sudden health scare. I began to  walk more, sit in the shower for longer periods of time and restricted myself from more work. But the camera was still in hand, Metallica came out and heard some Cumbia at my Thursday night gig at Cana, I got to see Jupiter and learn about the solar system at the Observatory, Venice remained beautiful, strangers smiled, strangers continued to pass out drunk on Sunset Blvd., did a set at Dublab and someone flashed her boobs.  Welcome to my life in the form of jpegs.

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What a night! So great to rock the party with the Dublab fam, Votolatino, the amazing staff at Grand Park and of course my fellow Angeleno’s who gathered, camped, broke out blankets and enjoyed the coverage of the 2012 elections. Every time CNN had breaking results you could hear the unison of gasps across the park. Every time President Obama picked up states you could hear a gigantic roar! It reminded me of a homerun roar at Dodger Stadium! If you came out I hope you had a ball!  Wether you voted R or D, we were all family!  So great to see so many friends and fam hanging out!

(Holla at cha boy on CNN)