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Got to link with Seattle’s Odesza who all my friends were raving about with their electronic sounds and dance floor beats. My knowledge was very little regarding this duo however I instantly became a fan upon my research for this podcast! We talk about inspiration, production and touring. Hope you dig! And makes sure to check out their soundcloud page for some goodies!

Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Production Assistance by Jon Oliver.
Host: Anthony Valadez

Big thanks to RedBull Studios in NYC!

Ryan’s name kept popping up on my radar with all his under the radar remixes for artists I love. I kept wondering who this guy was. Did some research and found out he hails up north in Canada. Finally something in the full length form dropped late October in 2013. Guilt Trips is his debut on Last Gang Records and does a great job of capturing Ryan’s creative ideas. We talk about the process and what it’s like to dj on a party boat alongside Pharell, Diplo and Tiesto! Hope you dig!


I first heard his music and I must confess it, it was a little strong on the sexy side of things. Cool in terms of sonic texture but this distinct vocal that kinda kicked in assuring the listener that everything was cool and turn down the lights. But the more I began to listen the more I started to appreciate the sonic textures of all the sounds. And then it all clicked. And then I heard the Miguel cover of “Sure Thing” and then I fell in love!  I appreciate what he is doing with the beats and song writing all merged together into a collage that is so dam unique!

I hope you dig this chat with Melbourne’s Oscar Key Sung. He just did a US Tour and we discuss his experiences of playing new music for a new audience as well as his appreciation for metal music and woman! Enjoy and peep more of his music here.


Sometime in late 2011 or early 2012 I got my hands on a track called “Spoon“. It was hypnotic, soulful and sexy fused with house beats and synths. I became curious as to who created this track and thats when I got hipped to Rudimental. The song was on rotation on my Monday night radio show on KCRW and then the band dropped Home, a 12 track album with each song nothing like the other. It was an exploration of House, Electronic beats, Drum B Bass and so forth. 2 Years later the album went gold, topped the charts in the UK, touring the States and building a buzz.

We discuss the transition of being 4 young lads, working day jobs and now being in a position of creating and paying homage to the past. These young producers were not just super humble discussing their journey, but acknowledging that they are where they are based on hard work and sacrifice. I also love how they acknowledge their inspirations and forefathers of music such as Goldie, Shy FX, Todd Edwards, 90’s R&B and many others. Hope you enjoy this short but informative chat! And buy the album! It’s dope!