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Welcome to this week’s “WHAT I’M DIGGING VOL 4  (THE VALAL ESSENTIALS). I have received great feedback so I thought I’d kick off this week with what I’ve dug up from the blogosphere.


New Little Dragon in the works! Great piece by Yours Truly! A great glimpse to the creation process in this short video. Looking forward to hearing this new record! Watch!

Big up King Deluxe for passing this my way. I have played several cuts from Segilola on my show. Bambooman is behind the production and creates one of the of the coolest sounds!

I just recorded a session for Boston’s WBUR/Here and Now and included this version in my selections. I mean, how amazing and beautiful is this track stripped down and in an acoustic arrangement? The Disclosure version hits hard but this takes the holy cake. Sam Smith really does his thing on the chorus accompanied by the strings.

Have you seen this doc yet? Well what are you waiting for? I believe you can watch it on Vimeo! I had the pleasure of talking music with Cheryl Dunn, the film’s director and producer. Cheryl captures the art of street photography and documents the various styles by folks with cameras. I think this might be my 4th post on her work. Peep below.

Last but not least, if you are not hip to Baratunde Thurston, the please get to know him! I loved his story in Fast Company which he breaks down a cleanse from social media. You can read about it here. He has been a source of inspiration in how I approach social media with on the fly blogs and podcasts.


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Can’t wait to see this movie! I have raved about it and the filmmaker Cheryl Dunn for months on this blog. I had the honor of chatting with her about her songs of inspirations a couple of years ago.  And now it seems as if the movie is out (well if your on the East coast). Once I get word that it will be playing here on the West coast I will let you know.  find out more info here.

Hanging with Cheryl and talking music was one of the inspirations behind me picking up the camera and exploring my neighborhood and also every where I travel.  Please support this movie when it comes to your area.