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This is why I love Exile! I’ve been a fan since he and Aloe cruised through during my KCSN days  and dropped knowledge. It’s great to see both of them doing what they love and do it well. Witness Exile in action on the MPC rework these Kanye flips. Hope you dig!

Every time I see Miguel we crack jokes about our first time meeting at a small spot on Cahuenga and Hollywood Blvd. Tokyo was the spot and I use to lug my turntables and play to a great fun crowd. Miguel was our guest artist and we just hit it off. I then played a show with him at the Key Club where he would seeing to tons and tons of woman. I knew right then and there this brother would take off.  When Aloe Blacc and Exile were my guests on my KCSN days they raved about Miguel. It’s great to see Miguel gain some love by a wide audience and still put out some great quality music!  Follow him on Twitter and get hip to his new sounds!