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I first got hip to Sophia Chang via her amazing site. Having played with photoshop I often wondered how she was able to do these amazing illustrations of rappers and NY figures. I then got hip to her work with Staple Design and had been bugging her for a while about being on my podcast. Since then she has been curating projects, featured on Hypebeast and has a project in the works with Puma! ┬áThis was a great conversation that included what it’s like to design for the NBA and still have your parents ask “When are you going to get a real job?”. Hope you dig this chat!

Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Production Assistance by Jon Oliver.
Host: Anthony Valadez

Big thanks to RedBull Studios in NYC!

Check out her work here.

_pumaproduct001B SophiaChang_ESYMAI_MikeTyson AirForceOnes_SophiaChang sophiachang_esymai_michaeljordan_1 sophiachang_esymai_biggiesmalls

This is amazing! I came across this great promo clip provided by Guinness which was shot sometime between 2013-2014. These gentleman, despite all the conflict in the region, break out their threads and keep their spirits high. The short clip reminded me a bit of the 80’s doc “Paris is Burning“. Despite their circumstances, the rise and create unity through fashion. Peep!


Republic of the Congo - Pointe Noire