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Last night was wild wild wild! Good times at First Fridays at The Natural History Museum. I was able to explore the museum once again after soundcheck and I began appreciate all the knowledge shared in the building. This is a very special place in Los Angeles. Big thanks to Wiseacre for rocking the decks with me with a cool four on the floor set that got the people moving. I was seriously moved to meet so many incredible listeners from my radio show and to be able to give hugs and high fives to all of them. Next month my brother from another mother Raul Campos rocks the turntables with me! Would love to see you there! Get your tix!


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Wheew! Still sore in bed after last night’s amazing kick off of the amazing 2014 season of First Fridays at The Natural History Museum! Big thanks to Mr Soul Sonic Force Jeremy Sole for rocking the decks! Also Conway and Youngblood Hawke for rocking the stage! Next week I will be joined b SF’s King Most on the decks! I’m super excited about Baths and Peaking Lights being added to the bill! Get info and fix here! Hope to see you!




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Big love to the folks over at the Natural History Museum for celebrating 100 years of science in LA!  It was fun playing records alongside Raul Campos and Canyon Cody during the celebration. I missed the Gza’s set but caught to catch him in the elevator as he took pictures with fans but watching Devo knock out “Whip It” was the highlight of the evening as I watched from the top of the building. It was also great to meet some many of the KCRW listeners who came out and got down with us! Another highlight was talking music and science with NASA JPL’s Adam Steltzner in the green room!  It was another amazing year at NHM’s First Fridays! Big thanks to Su, Laurel and the amazing staff at NHM!!

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We are back next month with Javelin and Helado Negro. I caught Javelin a few years back at SXSW and cant wait to see them!  Joining me in the Mammal Hall is one of my favorite producers MatthewDavid who has been busy rocking Low End Theory, Dublab and many other jump off’s! More info and tickets can be purchased here. And June is shaping up to be huuuuuuuuge as The Natural History Museum celebrates 100 years of science!  Stay posted for huge details!










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Back in full effect with my latest residency at the Natural History Museum! Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful people that have joined us in the past to reunite!  The Mammal Hall shall be cracking this year as we welcome KCRW dj Travis Holcombe back with me on the turntables. Im excited to see Allah-Las!  Lots of buzz on these guys. Opening up are The Babies. Interesting name always leads to interesting sounds so it sounds like a fun March!  More info here. Get your tickets and bring your dancing shoes!