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It’s been quite the adventure venturing out to Vegas every week and reworking new sets w/ my partner in crime King Most out of SF. It’s an interesting concept conceived by Jason Scoppa and when we hit, it’s pretty darn magical! We are joined by a drummer each Thursday night at the SLS Sayers Club and its almost jazz like in a sense we basically perform an improv variety of scratches, acapellas, breaks and club cuts that take us to that peak of the night. I’m also holding down the turntables as part of the Sessions party on Friday night as well so if you are ever out this way, swing through, say hi! Get info here!

(All snapshots shot by Stacey Torma)

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Tonight we proceed to keep LA nice and warm! Swing through to THE GOODS at Zanzibar for you chance to dance with Mr or Ms Right on the floor! KG Superstar is on the mic w/ yours truly on the decks.  And drop me a line for guest list love! It’s easy. You send names, I reply and we are good to go! 

* Guest List – *

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First jump off of the New Year at THE GOODS at Zanzibar! We got things moving a little early with such a great crowd. As usual yours truly going into full beast mode at 10 pm all the way till lights are up. It was nice to see some of my Saturday night crowd over on the west side! Big love to all who came out. Next week I have some guests swinging through! Hope to see you next Friday night! Drop me a line for guest list!

List :


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This past Friday night at THE GOODS at Zanzibar was a true family affair! We had dance circles, soul train lines and dance tests in the building all night long. Big love to all the friends we got to see celebrating another end of the work week with us. We do it again this Friday night! Bring a friend or make a friend. Drop me a line for guest list love!  Hope to see you!

*** Guestlist – ***

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TONIGHT!  Friday December 6th!

It’s The Goods at Zanzibar with yours truly on the turntables with a record bag full of gems and KG Superstar holding down the mic duties. It’s a bit chilly out there in So Cal so swing through and shake your rump with the Friday night fam bam!  Drop me a line for guest list love! You send, I reply and you are good to go!  Hope to see you!

* Guest List – * 


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Not sure if it’s the shirt in temperature but folks are coming out and letting out lots of energy these past few weeks at THE GOODS with yours truly on the turntables and KG Superstar on the mic. We hope to see you tonight and let lose with us!  Drop me a line for guest list love and you will be good to go! It’s probably one of the most easiest things to do in life. Hope to see you!


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Tonight we get it in for another round of Friday night madness at The Goods at Zanzibar. Yours truly on the turntables w/ KG Superstar holding down the mic duties. Would love to see you there! Drop me a line for guest list love, I’ll confirm and you will be good to go! Hope to see you!

* Guest list – *


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** Big thanks to Jaz for some of these great shots!! **

AHHH SOOOKI SOOKI! It’s another Friday which means  it’s time to prep for our ritual get down to wrap up the work week.  Your’s truly on the turntables all night with KG Superstar on the mic hosting + toasting!  If you been you already know. Drop me a line for guest list love! Drink water, dust off your freshest gear, dancing shoes and lets do this!

** Guest list – **




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Can’t believe Summer is just about a wrap! But have no feat! Summer vibes are still in effect with yours truly all night on the turntables at The Goods at Zanzibar and KG Superstar party rocking on the mic.  Come get your weekly dose of positive energy and love with us! Drop me a line for guest list love, I’ll reply and you are good to go!

** Guest list – **


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Last night was super wild! LA we do it big to kick off the 3 day weekend at THE GOODS at Zanzibar w/ yours truly on the turntables and KG Superstar on the mic. Drop me a line for guest list love and we hope to shake rumps with you tonight!  Note – I’ll arrive in LA at 4 pm and will confirm all guest lists! You should be good to go!

** Guest list love – **


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 Your’s truly and KG Superstar bring spring time vibrations to The Goods at Zanzibar for another Friday night jump off. I’m feeling extra pumped. Last week we had friends and fam in the building and I’m hoping to see a few more.  Send me your guest list anytime today before 7 pm to be added. Hope to see you!

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Taking off for vacation early Sunday morning but wanted to share with you some pics from Cana Rum Bar and The Goods at Zanzibar! Tonight I’ll be at The Sayers Club ducking from ice cubes, watching folks go ape nuts hanging from the the chandeliers and the usual madness.  Aaron Byrd sit in for me this Monday night on KCRW so make sure to tune in to his awesome selections.  But to compensate for lack of time this Monday night you can download my latest mix of PERSONAL FAVORITES.  Los Angeles If I dont see you at Sayers then hope to see you next week for LATIDO on the 16th, The Goods on the 17th etc etc!




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Real talk. I woke up this morning and heard the news about the senseless killings of young kids in an Elementary School. Music has always been my therapy and my way of connecting with people. We always promote love and understanding every Friday night with music.  Tonight I hope we can all get down and just embrace all that is good. Healing sounds tonight at Zanzibar.  Hope to see you tonight.

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