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We do it again! Fresh and ready for LA tonight for another edition of The Goods! KG Superstar joins me for the Friday night fam bam affair at Zanzibar. LA’s best dance party has an open guest list so drop a line and we will confirm!  hope to see you tonight! Bring your dancing shoes! 

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Tonight! Pyro shall shoot! Lights will shine above the city and I will stand atop two turntables with a cape attached around the neck and a WWF belt around the waste. It’s another family affair at THE GOODS at Zanzibar!  Your weekly rump-a-thon for burning calories and hollaring at other sex from 9-2 am!  Drop me a line for guest list and see you tonight!

Guest list –

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Tonight! It’s Good Friday! And It’s a special Friday night edition of The Goods! Kappppowww!  KG Superstar is on the mic and I’m holding down the turntables for 4 solid hours of gem droppage.  Would love to see your beautiful mugs with us! Drop me a line for guest list love!  Looking forward to another night with all you folks! Keep in mind I’m holding down the Natural History Museum which kicks off at 5:30 so guest list needs to be sent before then!  Cheers!

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Last week was exactly what I needed following the tragedy in Newton. I needed to be around friends and just see lots of hugs, smiles and positive energy. And that is all I saw while behind the turntables.  Im grateful to see so many friends and make new friends every Friday in Zanzibar. Tonight is no different!  KG Superstar and I go hard all night. I bring the beats, KG brings the mic and you bring your favorite dance moves. It’s free before 10 pm but you can get on my super special guest list by emailing me your names. I confirm and we are all good to go!  Hope to see you later in the evening!

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