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I had a great morning hanging at Dorsey High School as part of The Grammy Foundations Grammy Camp/Basic Training.  It was also awesome to be joined by the amazing and talented producer Mike Elizondo known for his production work with Dre, Eminem, Tegan And Sara, Fiona Apple and many others. Also joining us was Dolly who helps with coordination and booking of talent for award shows such as The Espy’s and various other programs.  Dolly stressed the importance of internships and volunteering as a means of getting your foot in the door.  Mike broke down his history of first working with Dre. Some great stories were told to the students. The bonus treat was hearing the students perform for us.  I was also moved by the teachers and staff who truly seemed involved in the students paths down the line.  A big thank you to all the students, staff, educators, Ford Motors and the Grammy Foundation for making this happen!

** Thanks to Thomas Piland for the additional pics! **


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