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This week’s guest is someone who’s design work I had long admired having created covers for the likes of Foreign Exchange , Little Brother and many others. Through his work I had began to grow visible of his brand. Thanks to world of Twitter I was able to put a face with this unique aesthetic and I began following him and his opinions which would always give me a chuckle. I have always been a fan of his duality of being in different worlds in the commercial setting while championing under the radar sounds and artists.  Recently FMWJ has started a label with access to some amazing sounds from Houston and his personal favorites. Again, the visual aesthetics are on point!  Hope you dig this chat.

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Yesterday Dj Sun swung by the Venice flat yesterday to hang and mellow out during his LA hang which included a set at Amoeba and Motown On Mondays at The Shortstop. Houston is home by way of Rotterdam and various other regions of the world.  We talked about his preference of vinyl only dj sets, the gratification of hard work devoted to One Hundred, his latest album out now and his appreciation of having a daughter who is set for college!  Big things. Take a listen to our conversation and make sure to download his guest dj set! It’s available!  Enjoy!

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This Monday night I’m stoked to welcome Dj Sun into the basement for a guest dj set. I have been a fan of his work and releases for many man moons and rotations of the sun (no pun intended).  Somehow Dj Sun productions have always ended up in my sets when playing the cool eclectic sets out and about town. Sun’s 2007 release entitled Monday Drive features remixes by Sabo, J Boogie.  His recent release, One Hundred, is out now and a collection of his cool sonic grooves that work in just about any dj setting. I’ve had it in rotation a bit on my show and I’m excited to let this brother jump on the decks. Listen Monday night to find out why this brother was voted Houston’s Press Dj Of the Year 7 times!  Get a taste of Dj Sun’s video’s and sounds below and let him take you on a tour of Houston. Whoop! See you Monday night on 89.9 FM KCRW and worldwide at Peep last week’s show while you got some time to kill!