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New snapshots and video this Sunday’s jump off at Insert Coin(s). Just landed into LA and I need a serious nap! It was awesome meeting all the incredible folks who came out and got down with us. The Knocks rocked it. Big love to all the staff and dancers who got down! The dancers below were amazing and I had to break out the GoPro! Peep!

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Never Never Never step to Rich Medina asking him to play some B Boy joints.  Brother Medina will break out the 45’s with the vinyl cracks and play some records that were just might wear you out on the dance floor!  Dj 88 started things off with some classic soul and break beats and me knowing it was an “anything goes” type of night blended in some house cuts, a nice Maga Bo cut remixed by Sabo and a few joints off the Soundways label.  The dancers came out and got down!  I had lots of fun getting down and taking the occasional break to play a game of Super Mario Brothers and only got to level 8-2!  Insert Coins is the spot you need to be at when in Vegas! Great music ran by great folks who love what they do!

By far my favorite place outside of Cali to spin at.  Any time myself and Dj 88 go at it somehow we cover just about every musical genre there is!  got to see some friends who made it out and catch a few WWE Wrestling games. The service is amazing here too! Thanks to Chris for the awesome hospitality!   If your out this way on Monday night swing through for my final night here playing records with 88 and Rich Medina. Should be lots of fun!  Hope to see you there!