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Hey! Another check in with you. Hope all is well. It’s nice to re-blog and connecting you in a medium that dates back to the days of when I first got involved in this thing we call the “blogosphere”. I had a lunch with an old friend, I, Ced. Ced is someone I admire cause he risked it all to pursue music. There was a point when he was living in his car, chasing his dreams, gigging at night, rehearsals and sessions around the clock. He’s still on the grind.

Today we were talking about knowing your worth. And It takes time to perhaps hit a point where you can realize what you contribute and understanding how that translates into money or time. But since realizing my worth, its been easy to step away from projects and dj residencies. There is a fear for most artists (including myself) that if you step away no one will be around the corner willing to scoop you up. 25 years of countless clubs, parties, various radio gigs on college + public radio, I can say once you make that jump and safely land, its liberation. It’s one of the best feelings.

Ced then flipped it in a way that I never looked at it. He explained how race plays a factor. Ced has personal experiences where certain folks who differ from his color tend to make more money. I’m happy to see him understand his worth, jump ship and see him off to London to work on music this month and not haver to deal with these social complexities.

I wish I could say something magical that would connect with you but the truth is you just have to make it happen. Im still far from my goals but I know my worth and its liberating. And fun.

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“If you don’t believe you are the best, forget it! Don’t Get out of bed!” – Nick

I met Nick while en route to the Airport after dj’ing at the SLS. We talked about dj’s making thousands per gig and somehow the convo crossed the board as to why he continues to paint and drive a taxi at night. It was very inspirational. I hope you enjoy it as much I did hearing it from such a passionate man! This is my first time ever doing a podcast on the road with a random stranger!

I have been a fan of Mark’s work since his Tide’s Arising release. I remember being on tour with RES, making a stop in the Bay Area and someone from the the label passing it my way and loving this dance record. Mark has developed his sound into different musical communities and continues to push musical boundaries. I’ve always had questions for him and wanted to know what’s in his head when he creates both live and in the studio. I got to sit with him and discuss his journey as well as get some of those answers. We also talk about his Kickstarter campaign to fund and finance his new 11th studio record. I love what he is doing with this campaign and his amazing videos to ask for support. Also, who knew little Mark was a big Guy/Teddy Riley fan?! Enjoy!


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Got to sit in with Gary Baseman and talk about music that has inspired his work over the years as part of KCRW’s Guest Dj Project which is set to air soon as he gets ready for his exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center. We talked about the songs that have him develop his artistic voice and I must say, I walked way really impressed and also moved about his personal stories.  Big thanks to Gary for also bringing in treats and also letting me delve into his art book.  This brother has some amazing stories behind each character as well as some that reflect to personal family tales that left us all deeply moved. He is a great example of an artist who utilizes his work to reflect his search and understanding of life.  One of the things I loved is his acceptance of failure. Failure to make things work, to make a relationship work. There is beauty in temporary and in the way we see things after our expectations are not met.  I’ll post the Guest Dj project once it airs and also make sure to check out what looks like an amazing exhibit at the Skirball. More information can be found here.



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