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For the past 20 years, Jeff Staple has followed his gut despite the lack of finances, direction and family support. His name has popped up in so many magazines, blogs, articles and album art pieces that I had to hunt this man down. He’s been on the edge of what’s new and innovative with his creative agency while still maintaining one of my favorite boutiques in the Lower East Side. We talk about his journey as well as this thoughts on the changing landscape of music, life in NYC during the 90’s, why we can never have another Thriller album, the influence of Bobbito + Stretch and so much more. Hope you dig!

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My childhood icon, Iron Mike Tyson sits down with Jeff Staple to discuss his new play directed by Spike Lee. Tyson discusses his anger and how he has developed his own senses of putting it all on hold and better dealing with himself and his emotions.  I should warn you its pretty moving content.   Shout out to Jeff Staple who I got to bump into at the Magic Tradeshow earlier in the week.  Check out this moving piece as part of JS’s

I wrote a piece earlier on Futura. But I had to include a piece on his son, 13th Witness. Easily one of my favorite photographers period!  I first got a good glimpse of his work in one of the editions of Reed Magazine.  I was blown away by is use of light and colors.  Check out this chat between 13 and Jeff Staple.  Hope you dig!