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I have been trying to track this brother down for a minute to get on the podcast. I’ve vouched for him for other interviews that just never came into fruition so I had to do it myself and on my podcast. Interestingly enough, this is the Levi Maestro way of doing things. Relying on self to capture and do what you love. Usually my podcasts go for anywhere from 15-20 minutes but this chat was so inspiring I had to hit record and let the magic take place. His site is a testament to his word and his videos are the celebration of whats new and authentic. Make sure to peep his amazing Infinity Piece! We break down his theory on time, creativity and what it’s like to hustle hard and be on the grind. Hope you dig this chat.

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New batch of things that I find and love on the net. These posts have become some what popular with those who visit the blog so I thought I’d share a few early in the week! And how amazing is this new Jazzanova track?!  Hope you dig!


Brent Rollins is one of my design gurus! Anything this guy designs will have my eyes glued to it trying to understand what he has completed. From Blackalicious’s Nia album to Mo Betta Blues, Brent has added his genius to logo + design.

Branding branding branding! No one does it better then Levi Maestro. Well a few do it but the way Levi does it is as authentic as can be. Im a huge fan of his videos and the way he docements what’s happening with some amazing folks. I tried finding his episode with Mr. Cartoon which is one of my faves but can’t seem to dig it up. But go google it!

Wrapping things up with this new Jazzanova track entitled “Now There Is We” featuring Paul Randolph on vocals. This has the flavor of the 90’s piano rave sound but Mr. Randolph takes it to another level with voice! Love it!

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