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This is going to be awesome! I am already a fan of the Commuter jeans + attire from Levi’s. The minute I was asked I was already planning my dj set for this evening! Hope to see all my friends + bike community at the workspace! More info can be found below! Hope to see you there!

Come by the workspace on your way to the Downtown Art Walk for complimentary bike valet providedLACBC, free coffee and bike tune-ups.

DJ set by Anthony Valadez of KCRW.

RSVP required. Event is 21+

Levi’s® Commuter Workspace, please visit

I gotta hand it to Levis for this #GOFORTH ad campaign. I stopped in the shop last night and got to peep all the Fall release of new denim tops and bottoms.  As a product of the 90’s I gotta admit I was never cool with anything tight on my body. It was always a little baggy and comfortable. But as I approach my mid 30’s, this new collection of fit bottoms and tops are looking enticing.  But I love the promo’s that Levi’s have been creating this past year targeting young folks and seeing the shift of “baggy” into a more “fit” look and also catering to the “young and hungry” of movers and shakers.
Check out the “standards” selections. Really diggin those!

Mike Perry is one of my favorite illustrators.  Not only is he about art but also about bringing the community together for the greater good. This video is inspiring!  You can kind of tell Mike was one of those kids who constantly doodled as a young one.