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It’s about that time! Grammy campaign to create the buzz for the awards show later in the month. Remember when I appeared next to SnoopRihanna, Nas and Taylor Swift on this ad? I do! Ha. Anyhoo, I am digging these new campaign ad’s that allow you into the artist’s lives. I saw a cool one on Kendrick but this one caught my attention. It’s great to hear JB talk about watching dj’s and then becoming one.  Watch!


Rainy Milo was all over my radio show last year with the release of hey EP. It’s good to hear new music followed by a music video for the track “Bankrobber“. Not her strongest track but I’ll take it. “Black And Blonde” drops later in the month!



I’m currently trying to hunt this track down for my show but no luck. Im a sucker for slow 808’s and heavy synths. And as I write this I just found the download link! Score!  And peep the Angie Stone sample! Expecting big things from this London based duo!  Love this track and the video!  Make sure to peep the cool blog they maintain as well.