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Okay not only did these guys throw one of the best shows of SXSW 2013 but they are partly responsible for my younger years as an avid reader or alternative literature on Urban music, graff and skate culture.  They approached things with a distinctive perspective that reminds me of what a lot of podcasters are doing today with content, humor and with the an everyman approach. But these guys did it with cool fonts and visuals to accompany each and every issue.  Well now they are back!  I’m prepping for my KCRW show tonight but cant put this issue down.  This issue covers Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future, the A$AP phenomenon  and an interesting feature on the evolution of writing styles in the new book Flip The Script.  After you read this blurb make sure you subscribe to them!  Or check out the Mass Appeal site! Big thanks to Mass Appeal / Decon for this doozy sitting at my doorstep!  Ps..  Chris Brown article written by the amazing Sacha Jenkins is definitely worth a read!   Thanks again and welcome back MA!