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Legendary LA artist Mear One stopped by KCRW to record a set for the Guest Dj Project. Ever since I was a kid taking the bus from North Hollywood to Melrose I would see his tags all over the place. Walls, Heavens, bus stops and the whole 9!  This is one of my favorite sets I have done and really enjoyed Mear’s insights into his song selections. Take a listen!  Hope you dig!

1.  Frank Zappa — Trouble Every Day
2.  Grandmaster Flash — The Message
3.  Myka 9 / Freestyle Fellowship — Park Bench People
4.  Gaslamp Killer (feat. Daedalus) – Impulse
5.  Blackbird—Homecoming

Street artist Mear One is an LA native and digs into his roots in his Guest DJ set. Whether discovering his rebellious side via Frank Zappa or relating to the “hood” stories of Grandmaster Flash, music has played a major role in his art and his life. KCRW will be hosting a screening of the iconic graffiti doc Style Wars on July 28 featuring live art by Mear One.  Find out more at

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